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See by Chloe SBC Shopper BagI’ll start by saying that I don’t think that I like this bag…but I’m not sure. The See by Chloe SBC Shopper Bag has me making my confused face. And my confused face is not cute, so we better figure this out quickly, ok? On the one hand, I like the color combo. For the past several days, green bags have been very appealing to me, so much so that I’m thinking about going out and buying a small, inexpensive one just to satisfy the urge (and prevent myself from spending far more money on a big designer one). So my sudden enamored state might be swaying me, although I’m much more in the mood for lime green that sea green. I’m also digging the wrinkly leather – I’m a sucker for texture, and this back looks soft and crinkly at the same time. That’s a trick I might like, I think. And then, the logo. Don’t like the logo. I doubt the average person has any idea what SBC is, but I’m not a fan out outsized branding of any sort, and the enormous lettering ultimately ruins this bag for me. Which is too bad, since I think the price point is good and the leather looks nice. Lose the letters, and I’m on board. Buy through ShopBop for $595.

See by Chloe Floral Canvas ToteDo you ever find yourself wishing you had talents you don’t? Sometimes I wish I was a better artist than I am. I wish that I could pick up a paintbrush, dip it in some paint, and just paint on a large canvas. Sure, I can do that, but the result isn’t necessarily what I hope it can be. So, how did all of this come up today? Well, I came across the See by Chloé Floral Canvas Tote and could only think of one instance where I might actually use the bag – to hold my art supplies. Honestly, other than holding my arts and crafts supplies, I can’t really think of another situation in which this bag could be practical. Perhaps as a beach bag, but other than that, the bag is just way too busy for me. The multicolored canvas floral print is a lot for your eyes to take in. The bag has shoulder straps and is clearly large enough to stuff in all sorts of things. But, is this the kind of bag that is a bit much for day to day errands? I kind of think so. I do think the bag has a funky side to it and perhaps there are some of you who could completely pull it off. But, for me, unless I am stuffing my brushes, paint, pencils, and other necessities a budding artist might carry into this bag, I don’t think I see myself adding it to my collection anytime soon. What do you think? Buy through Net-a-Porter for $160.

See by Chloe Ring Around Crossbody Bag I am not OK with this. This is the opposite of what is acceptable. The See by Chloe Ring Around Crossbody Bag is a pretty complete representation of everything I dislike about bags of this sort. I find the huge strap/tiny bag proportion disconcerting – there’s more strap here than there is bag. A strap is supposed to be a part of a larger whole, not the entire show. I also think the proportions, matched with the shape and structure of the bag, look really sloppy. It’s just a big blob of mustard-colored leather, and there’s nothing about it that’s refined or expensive-looking. I see people wearing hemp and white-person-dreadlocks carrying bags like this at the organic grocery store all the time. It’s not a good look on them, and for over $500, it’s not a good look on you. I promise. And we didn’t even get into the whole awkward-boob-strap issue that crossbody bags create. Just say no, folks. Buy through Nordstrom for $550.

See by Chloe Flap Jack ToteAre you a big handbag kind of person? I certainly am. Well I guess I should rephrase that, I am an any kind of handbag person. But I do have to say that I tend to have favorites. Big handbags definitely fall into that category. But just because I like big handbags doesn’t mean that I like all big handbags out there. The See by Chole Flap Jack Tote Bag is a big bag that is growing on me. I definitely like the color. For the most part I think I have become accustom to seeing large bags that are black. A bright colored large bag is a pleasant surprise. This calfskin bag with double shoulder straps, metallic calfskin trim and silvertone hardware all come together to make a unique handbag. It has cotton canvas lining, several pockets and of course plenty of room for just about anything you might want to store in it. To be honest, one of my favorite parts of this bag is the the metallic calfskin trim; it is definitely not something you see on every bag. Do you think more designers should try to add color into the larger bags they make? Buy this bag through Bloomingdales for $795.

See by Chloe Patent Cutout Shoulder Bag

It’s a gloomy day here in South Florida. It’s not rainy or anything like that, but overcast and just kind of nasty looking. Actually, these kind of days are the best days to curl up on the couch and watch a great movie. But at the same time, gloomy days lead me on a search for some kind of color. The See by Chloé Patent Cutout Shoulder Bag is a bright colored bag, but definitely not one that would make this gloomy day any better. It’s as simple as this: I think this is a handbag gone horribly wrong. The color and cutout detail with visible multicolored lining does not work. It almost looks like someone took a hole-punch to the bag and just went to town. For me, I can’t see any situation that I would carry this bag – unless maybe I was dressing up as a clown for Halloween. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $400.

See by Chloe Best Ever Shopping ToteAt first glance, I thought this tote was a little over the top. But the more I gave it a second chance, I actually think I kind of like it. The See by Chloe Best Ever Shopping Tote looks like a fun and flirty alternative for a shopping tote or a beach bag. No, it wasn’t being advertised as a beach bag, but I have a feeling that this roomy canvas bag with drawstring closure and cotton lining could totally work on the beach. Inspired by the ready-to-wear line, I am digging the print on the canvas. Sure, it’s not something I would carry during the evening, but it is definitely something that could be carried around during the day. It could be a great way to add some color to your wardrobe, even now – you know, as a way to nudge mother nature to let spring begin! Buy through Saks for $95.