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While I go by Megs around these parts, my full name is Meaghan. (Yes, all those extra letters are part of my name). I rarely, if ever, have seen my name used in full, spelled …

I have yet to figure out why I haven’t purchased a Cambridge Satchel Company bag yet. I believe it goes back to the fact that there are so many amazing color options that I start …

Every handbag collection needs a classic bag. When many think of timeless bags, Chanel and Hermes come to mind but these timeless bags are not feasibly options for most. I love stumbling upon savvy options and Olivia Harris delivers again.

For those searching for a crisp and classic affordable bag, the Olivia Harris Jackie Satchel might suffice. (more…)

One of my absolutely favorite bags to travel with is my Rebecca Minkoff Studded Rocker. The bag is small and packs easily into my suitcase, while being large enough to fit the right amount of necessities. In fact, I can fit quite a bit into this bag.

Of course black leather is a safe rocker chic option, but either the white or turquoise version ShopBop is carrying right now really lures me in. (more…)

One of my favorite bags from Rebecca Minkoff is her Morning After Clutch. After I got my first MAC, I was hooked. I have become obsessed with smaller bags with long shoulder straps because of their accessibility, usability, and style. They also are much lighter and easier to throw over your shoulder or cross-body and wear it all day.

Obviously for spring you need to add bright hues to your wardrobe and the fuchsia Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Clutch gets my vote. (more…)