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Oh, fashion. This industry is so mercurial. One day you can fully consumed by one piece or trend or idea, and then mere hours later, something else pops up and all your energy makes a shift so sharp and sudden that you’re surprised it doesn’t hurt its metaphorical knees. (Yes, my energy has knees. It’s a fully formed, if imaginary, person.) That’s exactly what happened to me at the sight of these Sang A python bags – two days ago, I was obsessed with Rag & Bone. Now, it’s all Sang A. If you’re going to do the whole Fall 2011 python thing, these bags are the way to do it. (more…)

I am on a metallic kick right now. There is something about a shinny bag that I can’t get enough of. As I mentioned in my review of the Tory Burch Mini Bag, metallics are amazing – if they are done correctly. And just like leathers have so many different facets to them, whether you would think it or not, the same goes for metallic bags. While I almost passed this clutch by, I am glad I didn’t. (more…)

Sang A has made her designs known in the fashion world. Whether it be through word of mouth, celebrity sightings, TV sightings, or just being in the know, Sang A Bags have cultivated a strong following. Sang A bags are known for their exotic skins and stand-out designs. While in NYC last month, Vlad and I missed meeting with Sang A but were able to follow up with an interview last week.

The Koren born Sang A was making waves in the Korean entertainment and music scene and is now making waves in the US handbag design scene. Her designs are more well-known by the day. Some of my favorite designs by Sang A come in shapes that are not polluting the handbag market. Her River Tote is very well known and well liked, offering a square tote shape with hardware that stands out. Her pouch clutches are favorites of mine as well, easy to wear out and dress up for an event or pair with jeans. We shot a variety of Sang A bags in our studio to give you all a better look at the amazing work that goes into each bag and showcase the essence of the bags.

Not only did we nab an interview with the designer, take exclusive shots of the bags, but also we have a special discount code for all Purse Blog readers! There is already a 30% Holiday sale on the website, but our Purse Blog readers will receive an additional 10% off that reduced price when they enter code PBXMAS at checkout on SangA.com. The code will be kept up from today until Sunday, December 28th. If you order by the 19th, your order will make it in time for Christmas! An amazing 40% off Sang A bags means this is the perfect place to shop for exotic handbags for the holidays. Thank you to Sang A for setting up this code for you all and giving us the chance to interview her! Shop Sang A online and receive 40% off! (more…)

Earlier this week I brought you the Sang A River Square Tote, which has become a staple for this flourishing young designer. Sang A is worth talking about and worth the slow growing hype. The Korean-born Sang A did not start out as a designer, though her track in life has been anything but ordinary. Sang A was a popular stage/television actress and singer and release three pop music albums on a major label by age 26. Talk about accomplished. But one of her true loves and passions came from costumes, colors, and styling of her stage outfits, which ultimately lead her to take on design and move to New York City. Her accessories were launched in the Spring of 2006 and since the launch her popularity has shifted from being known as a singer to being known as a designer. Sang A focuses on the art of luxury; using exotic skins that are meticulously treated. The style lines are clean and leave an impression. When speaking about her designs Sang A states, “My design exudes the essence of modern classic with a dose of avant garde”. Below are four of my favorite handbags from the Fall/Winter 08 line from Sang A. The colors stand alone, the skins are extravagant, and the designs are the perfect touch of modern. Find more information on the designer at Sang A online. To order call 212-564-4433 or email store@sanga.com . Also, Vivre sells Sang A and has a great selection!

Sang A Rosette River Woven Eel
Sang A Rosette River Woven Eel | $2156
The classic River Tote is updated with a detailed rosette effect, which gives the perfect texture on this exotic eel skin. (more…)

sang a river square tote
Sang A River Square Tote

When Vlad and I attended a Hermes event a few months ago a different designer was on my mind. Sang A. The reason being I saw a girl carrying the stunning Sang A River Square Tote in the perfect python honey-hue and I could not get it off my mind. The other reason Sang A was on my mind is because she was at the event. I had seen photos of Sang A online before so her face looked so familiar but I did not go and say hi. We emailed later and turns out it was her! So at the Hermes event, where my mind started off focusing on Hermes handbags, I found myself drifting off into the world of Sang A. This former actress and singer from Korea has created quite the buzz around her line handbags. The colors are rich and the skins are high-quality. The Sang A River Square Tote has always been a favorite of mine; it is a mixture of perfection and simplicity all rolled together. Python skin tends to be lighter and looks stunning for an everyday bag. Sang A has the River Square Tote available in a variety of skins and colors, but the sunshiny appeal of the honey python has captured my attention and kept it. The gold hardware adds a slight shine next to the matte python. The inside continues to show luxury with satin lining and two pockets. Measurements are 12″ x 11″ x 3″. Since I first laid eyes on this exact bag in this exact color my heart melted, and my heart continues to yearn for this exact bag. Buy through Vivre for $2,450.

Stay tuned for much more from this designer!


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