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Today I got an email with a complaint about us covering Gossip Girl on Purse Blog. Ok, I see your point. This is a handbag website and covering a TV show that is not about handbags may seem a bit off topic. But you must give it to Gossip Girl for having some of the most bold, fun, young, hip, and daring styles! And one of the things that Gossip Girl stylist Eric Daman does best is accessorize the characters.

This week we found Blair Waldorf, Leighton Meester, carrying around a classic yet hip crocodile tote. This tote is one of my favorites, as it is a Sang A Bag. We have covered Sang A on Purse Blog before and I have loved her different uses of materials, modern lines, and sleek styles. The River Tote has been the bag on my lust after list (in YELLOW PYTHON!). Blair Waldorf carried a different version of the River Tote, and I must admit that I am in love!

The Sang A River Tote in African Crocodile was the bag of choice for character Blair Waldorf as she made her way onto Yale’s campus. The bag signifies tradition, elegance, and class while being able to be worn by a young 20 year old and not look old. The bag worked perfectly for all of her outfits and I am officially in love with Sang A bags all over again! The River Tote is a staple for Sang A and is available in a wide variety of colors and materials. The specific bag Blair was seen carrying retails for $9,440 at Sang A online. (more…)

sang a river square tote
Sang A River Square Tote

When Vlad and I attended a Hermes event a few months ago a different designer was on my mind. Sang A. The reason being I saw a girl carrying the stunning Sang A River Square Tote in the perfect python honey-hue and I could not get it off my mind. The other reason Sang A was on my mind is because she was at the event. I had seen photos of Sang A online before so her face looked so familiar but I did not go and say hi. We emailed later and turns out it was her! So at the Hermes event, where my mind started off focusing on Hermes handbags, I found myself drifting off into the world of Sang A. This former actress and singer from Korea has created quite the buzz around her line handbags. The colors are rich and the skins are high-quality. The Sang A River Square Tote has always been a favorite of mine; it is a mixture of perfection and simplicity all rolled together. Python skin tends to be lighter and looks stunning for an everyday bag. Sang A has the River Square Tote available in a variety of skins and colors, but the sunshiny appeal of the honey python has captured my attention and kept it. The gold hardware adds a slight shine next to the matte python. The inside continues to show luxury with satin lining and two pockets. Measurements are 12″ x 11″ x 3″. Since I first laid eyes on this exact bag in this exact color my heart melted, and my heart continues to yearn for this exact bag. Buy through Vivre for $2,450.

Stay tuned for much more from this designer!


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