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At first glance, you think it’s all fun and bubbles, don’t you? But the fact is that the Nordstrom Ruffle Clutch is actually much cooler than it seems. Why? Because the ruffles aren’t made of a go-to girly material, like chiffon or even a light taffeta. They’re made of leather.

I love when this happens, when you see something that fits so perfectly into a certain category, like a motorcycle jacket, but then you realize that it’s much more because it’s made of sweatshirt material, or has tiny lace flowers on the buttons, or something of the sort. It’s those little unexpected details that make life interesting, fashion-wise. (more…)

Every so often I come across a piece of fashion that I have particularly strong feelings against. It happened with Crocs (and it has not faded, so don’t wear them near me unless you are prepared to be lectured to) and it happened when I saw this Betsey Johnson Rockstar Ruffle Satchel. It’s not as strong as the Crocs feeling, sure, but what will ever be? For this bag though, my jaw literally dropped. What kind of rock star- or fabulous civilian- would wear such a thing?

Betsey Johnson Rockstart Ruffle Satchel

Even an OTT Hannah Montana outfit would not rock this bag, unless if they were going for a strange, girly-camouflage look. But then, trying to be a good objective reporter (I already ruined it a bit, though) I tried to see the good points of the bag. Because there is really no point in completely dwelling on the bad things in life- except for Crocs. So I am convinced that this bag would be a jaw-dropper if it were in a different color, like a deep chocolate or a navy, and if the leather was thick, pebbly, and matte rather than smooth and shiny. And sans the snake-embossed ruffles. Buy through Nordstrom for $179.90.

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