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jennifer alfano clutch
Jennifer Alfano Clutch

Vlad and I had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer Alfano back in the fall, and the one bag from her that completely stole the show for me was the Jennifer Alfano Oona Clutch. I remember sitting in her office and I kept trying to keep my focus on our interview and not swivel my chair around to gaze at the beautiful bags. The Jennifer Alfano Oona Clutch stands out for many reasons, starting with its regal shade of purple ring lizard skin. I am always drawn to purple, well, because it looks great on me! But purple is a shade that looks great on many and most people, it is feminine yet sophisticated. Ring lizard showcases a pebbled texture that ever so slightly gives the purse a new dimension. The oval snap closure adds the perfect touch without distracting. The shape is that of a wallet, but lately I have found myself using my wallets as clutches, which has been perfect for me. The inside of this clutch features a front pocket as well as a rear zip pocket. Dimensions are 11″w x 5″h. I found myself lured in by this bag from the get go, everything about it screams my name and has called me to it. And now I see it marked down and it becomes harder and harder to resist! Buy through Lux Couture for $1,137. (more…)

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