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Rebecca Minkoff Nikki Hobo

A hobo is the perfect shape for me. I suppose I sound like a broken record to you all, but I absolutely love a slouchy hobo. In fact, when I see what the girls in Hollywood are wearing and what bags they are carrying I would fit right in. I rarely leave the house dressed to the nines, in fact, I hope none of you see me on my morning errands! On a side note, I do think of that often and wonder if I should probably make sure to spruce up a bit more in case a Purse Blog reader or Purse Forum member runs into me. Anyhow, the Rebecca Minkoff Nikki is a Purse Blog favorite, not only loved by me, but loved by one of our newest members Amanda (and the countless celebs who adore RM bags, like Hilary Duff). Amanda covered this bag in her first post, and I feel the need to update and let you know about two of my favorite colors from RM this season in the Nikki. Best news is, both sea green and persimmon are carried at Shop Bop. I don’t have to go into great detail about this bag, because most of you already know about it. It is a hobo, with an magnetic snap top, inside pockets, and a slouchy appeal. Love it? Me too. Now the colors. There is the sea green, which eases your mind and adds a splash of Caribbean water goodness, and then persimmon which looks as luscious as the fruit it is named after. For me, the problem is choosing which color. Luckily, you can always buy both. $600 through Shop Bop.

Oh, and if you want to be a little more confused, there is a wine and yellow glazed leather version at Shop Bop for $625.

Purse Blog would like to introduce the newest addition to the writing team, meaning that we now have a total of three writers (yes mostly me, then sporadically Vlad). Amanda Mull is a 22-year-old writer, blogger, and gal-about-town from Atlanta, Georgia. She has a degree in magazine journalism from the University of Georgia and loves to share her opinions with everyone, regardless of whether or not they want to hear them. If, for some reason, you do, you can find her personal blog at www.graduationday.wordpress.com. She can also be found on The Purse Forum as ‘amanda.’

rebecca minkoff nikki
Rebecca Minkoff Nikki

So, I have this problem. I’m an online stalker. A creeper. Of handbags, that is, but I suppose they have feelings too. When I get my mind set on a bag, I follow it all around the internet in search of free shipping, no tax, coupon codes, and someone willing to barter for maid services. For the past three weeks, I’ve wanted nothing more than a Rebecca Minkoff Nikki hobo, and I’ve been peeking in its internet windows.

And what I see is wonderful – the Nikki hobo is great fodder for people that love nice leather since the hardware and tailoring are subtle and accent the soft material and rich colors that the bag is available in. Fall ’08 features jewel tones of deep red and purple, which will surely be a great pick-me-up to fall and winter wardrobes that can all too easily be weighed down in drab neutrals. I find the cloud grey most appealing, though. A wonderful lighter grey with lots of purple and blue undertones, the color would be perfect to wear during either warm or cold temperatures and go with every color that I can think of. The most versatile bag I’ve ever owned was a grey leather hobo, and this bag reminds me of all the best parts of my old standby.

Unfortunately, we’re in one of those odd times of years in between when the Spring collections get discounted and the Fall collections hit stores full-force, so I don’t have that many Nikkis upon which to gaze. Several stores have started taking pre-orders, though, and Funky La La has the cloud grey Nikki pictured and available for delivery in just 3 short weeks (not bad, considering some sites have Fall colors pushed back well in to football season). Pre-order through Funky LaLa for $600.


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