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J Crew Large Metallic Leather Gallery HoboWhen you get too caught up in the world of handbags it is easy to forget about price friendly options. Let’s be honest folks, not everyone can drop thousands of dollars each time you want to add to your handbag collection. Sure, there are some of you out there (psst – I want to know your secret) but most of us need to pinch pennies, in order to save up for that must-have-will-do-anything-for bag.

Amanda wrote about the Jimmy Choo Metallic Hobo and although I’m not a huge fan of that bag in particular, there was something about it that I do like. Yet the price, yikes! Now, as I was checking out J. Crew I came across a bag that kind of reminded me of the Jimmy Choo bag. Sure, not everything about the J. Crew Large Metallic-Leather Gallery Hobo is the same, but I might actually like this one a bit more. The color pops, the leather is soft and the shoulder strap actually is a great fit for the bag. Better yet, the price. Buy through J. Crew for $325.

I feel like I am always on the hunt for a reasonably priced, functional and fun handbag. Aren’t we all? Of course, in an ideal world, I could walk into any store, see I bag I like and simply buy it. Let’s be honest, I don’t live in that kind of world. So, I have to say, the Rebecca Minkoff Nikki Hobo is a bag I would certainly save up for. I love most of Rebecca Minkoff’s bags as it is, but the Nikki Hobo is a bag I could see myself carrying around on a daily basis. It seems as if all of her bags have that element of functionality which most of us look for. Sure, every now and then I find myself making an impulse buy but for the most part, I want the handbags I own to serve several purposes. You know, so I get my money’s worth.

Once I started looking at the bag a little more closely, I noticed the amazing attention to detail. I love the distressed leather and shoulder strap combination. Looking inside the bag, the material and design of the lining is simply gorgeous. Sure, for the most part, nobody is going to be spending more of their time staring inside the bag rather than noticing the outside, but anyone who catches a glipse is sure to comment. I guess more than anything, I can see myself carrying this bag to the gym, grocery shopping, to work and even out on the town. Again, you can see how this all goes back to the initial idea of functionality and fun! Buy through ShopBop for $600..