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So, how do you guys feel about blue and black? Like, as a color combination? Because I used to hate it, but now I kind of dig it. Kind of really dig it, actually. For some reason, I feel like it’s a bit more intellectual and sophisticated than merely pairing red and black or brown and blue. The slight but noticeable difference in the shades can be very attention-getting, and when done correctly, no one ever wonders whether or not you meant to do it or just got dressed in the dark and mistook the blue for its darker counterpart. A good example of the correct way to combine the colors is the Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Mini Combo Tote in the Navy Luxe/Black Quilted Patent combination. Not only do the leathers differ in color, but they differ widely in texture, forcing whoever sees your handbag to notice and think about the nontraditional combination you chose. Plus, although the leather is navy, it’s just light enough to not make anyone wonder whether it just faded differently than the patent. I’m not a huge fan of bicolor bags, but this one hits the perfect, modern note. Buy through Shop Bop for $595.