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Rebecca Minkoff Knocked Up Baby BagI’ll admit it. The name of the Rebecca Minkoff Knocked Up Baby Bag made me giggle. I’m easily amused, obviously. But a little coarse humor in the name isn’t the only reason I like this bag – there are several. First and foremost, I’ve been looking for a nice diaper bag to write about for a while. Having a baby is a huge part of the life of any woman that chooses to do so, and it’s an event that’s known to sometimes drastically change a woman’s appearance. I think a lot of that is because the options for new mothers are limited – a cruise through Nordstrom‘s sizable baby bag section revealed a dearth of truly fashionable options. Many had patterns that would be impossible to match with a reasonable outfit on an everyday basis, and most just kind of looked like cheap laptop bags. None of them seemed like bags I’d want to plunk down any cash for, and at the same time, I wouldn’t want to endanger a regular designer tote with bottles and diapers and other assorted possibly-nasty baby accouterments. So what’s a mom supposed to do but forgo all stylishness in an attempt to find something functional? Well, Ms. Minkoff thought of that. This bag is mostly nylon, and the price reflects that, which is great – nylon is a lot easier to clean than leather, and ease of cleaning is probably important in a bag like this. It’s also blissfully pattern-free, meaning it would match many things, and doesn’t immediately scream “BABY!!!” If you’re knocked up, you probably need one of these. Buy through ShopBop for $475.