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The Many Bags of Bravolebrities

Last night, after our Real Housewives of Miami had taken their final bows and faded to black, I briefly considered whether or not it would be possible for me to replace my weekly recap with a video of me running them all down with a tank. Because of the logistical issues inherent in securing a tank and rounding up our gaggle of SoFla broads in approximately 12 hours’ time, I wasn’t about to make that happen, but I hope that you appreciate the sentiment.

Instead, we’ll have a plain ol’ recap of the show’s season (and hopefully series) finale, which was the length of a feature-length film and spanned enough parties and petty tiffs that it likely would have taken up three or four episodes in regular Real Housewives time. In that sense, I guess we can thank Bravo for keeping things mercifully brief. (more…)

One more episode, you guys. Just one more episode until Real Housewives of Miami is over and we can all start pretending that it never, ever happened, just like I suspect Bravo will do. We didn’t even get any Mama Elsa last night, although I imagine that many of you stayed up to watch Watch What Happens Live to get your fill. Andy Cohen’s gay-uncle-in-the-basement show was far better than anything our Miami housewives did last night.

So what did they do? Well…everything. Bravo smashed three episodes worth of plot lines into the space of a single episode, which meant that none of it was particularly interesting in any way. Unfortunately, that’s about par for the Miami course at this point. (more…)

I have some good news for you ladies: I received confirmation late last night that we only have two episodes left of the debacle known as Real Housewives of Miami. This season seems to be the red-headed stepchild of the Bravo family, and Bravo execs have seen fit to bring it to a quick and merciful ending. I don’t have any details on a reunion, but if there is one, I think we should all agree to pretend that it’s not happening.

Last night, well…what even happened last night? We had another dinner party, this time with a whole roast pig that looked gross and then looked utterly delicious. Larsa made some fat jokes and then said some racist stuff. Marysol got engaged, but it honestly didn’t seem like all that big of a deal. Elsa didn’t even say anything that fantastic, probably because she was sober. A downer all around, but I could probably summon up some more excitement if someone could ship me the leftovers from Alexia’s cookout. (more…)

So I guess we’re still doing this, aren’t we? Real Housewives of Miami had another episode last night, and we (well, some of us) watched it and now I have a recap for it. The entire way that this season has come to hit the airwaves seems a little strange and thrown-together, and I guess you could say that same for last night’s episode.

It seems like most of the cast is acting how they think reality TV stars should act for maximum camera time instead of actually being interesting in their own rights, and that makes for some second-rate television indeed. I liked last week’s episode just fine, but I think last night’s show illustrated perfectly why our Miami wives seem to be set up for a very short season. (more…)

Although we all feared that Real Housewives of Miami would be a bit boring after last week’s lackluster premiere, last night’s episode has me feeling hopeful and optimistic. Maybe it’s that we’ve had unseasonable perfect weather in Atlanta for the past two weeks (70 degrees and sunny, every day. I’m not kidding.), or maybe it’s just that Gossip Girl was so good on Monday night that Real Housewives is basking in some of the reflected glow of it’s success. I don’t know, but whatever the reason, I’m feeling good about our Miami ladies.

The episode featured a charity event, because episodes of Real Housewives aren’t allowed to happen without some sort of party or get-together, but this was an actual event for an actual, established charity that existed before the cameras were recording. That might actually be a first for this series, but it didn’t stop someone from crashing the party. (more…)

So, what did we think about Real Housewives of Miami? I’d say it was sort of middling. Nothing could ever be as great as the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills premiere, of course, but I’d rank this above, say, Real Housewives of DC and the second season of Real Housewives of New Jersey.

The premieres of new cities are always a little weird because everyone still looks alike and you don’t know what character anyone is playing yet, but we got a little glimpse at Bravo’s latest group of sea hags. Let’s meet them, after the jump. Read the entire recap…

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