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Before we get into the rest of the season finale of Real Housewives of DC, I have something that you guys need to read, if you haven’t already seen it. Jezebel writer Tracie Egan Morrissey, one of my favorite bloggers, has compiled a rather comprehensive list of the various lies, cons and scandals in which our Awful Twins, Michaele and Tareq Salahi, have been involved over the past decade or so. When you sit and read it in a bulleted list, the scope of their grifting is nothing short of epic.

The show’s finale was all about the aftermath of the White House party crash, and although it didn’t present a whole lot of new factual information, seeing the Salahis squirm under the weight of their own lies was both fascinating and nauseating. (more…)

In the grand tradition of Bravo, we were promised some White House party-crashing on last night’s episode of Real Housewives of DC and all we got was Michaele in a cheap sari in the back of a limo. I should have known to temper my lofty expectations by now, but somehow, Bravo still pulls me in every now and then.

The network claims that they didn’t know the Salahis weren’t invited to the party and that the camera crew didn’t enter the White House, but that doesn’t mean that the network declined the opportunity to milk the event for all it was worth. Last night’s episode should have been entitled Prelude to an Epic Fail. (more…)

Ok, I need you to level with me here, PurseBloggers. This particular recap of Real Housewives of DC has politics in it. I don’t like writing about politics any more than you guys like reading about it, but in this instance, I either had to write about gay marriage or post a bunch of LOLCats in the giant chasm that would have been created by omitting the subject from this post. As much as I like LOLCats, that’s not really what I get paid to do.

So if you’d rather avoid political discussion, you won’t hurt my feelings if you skip this one. Also, feel free to disagree, both with me and with each other – we only ask that you do so respectfully. If you’d like to continue reading, you know where to click. If not, we have some lovely posts over at TalkShoes today, and I hope to see you back here next week. (more…)

This was another week of Real Housewives of DC where nothing really happened, and I came to a conclusion: I’d rather watch these housewives not do anything than perhaps any of the other housewives except those from New York. The crazy is so strong in this bunch that they don’t actually need activities for me to be amused and delighted.

That was particularly convenient last night, since other than one little party, some sage-burning and a trip to look at houses that Michaele and Tareq can’t actually afford, our ladies didn’t do much at all. Real Housewives of DC may not be a bonafide hit yet, but they’ve hooked me and reeled me in pretty good at this point. (more…)

It’s been two weeks since we last saw the ladies of Real Housewives of DC and what has changed? Well, not much, since the group is still at that party. You know the one – they had the lame grape stomp that produced no grape juice and then Cat yelled “bollocks!” repeatedly and to no one in particular as she escaped. That party.

Cat may be annoying and rude, but she redeemed herself to some of us later in this episode. Before we get there, though, we have to discuss why Tareq Salahi redefines the term “wretched” and visit Lynda’s new house in McLean. It was a slightly boring, oddly paced episode on the whole, but the DC ladies did have their moments this week. (more…)

Now that we’re done with New Jersey, the sun seems to shine a little brighter, the air seems a bit crisper, humanity seems capable of goodness and positivity. Well, maybe not the Real Housewives of DC specifically, but, you know. Most of us.

Last night’s episode was probably a bit slow for some people, but I still have such a reality TV crush on this group and their non-Jerseyness that I loved it anyway. When the bar of expectation is set so low, there’s no place to go but up, and as long as I get at least one heinous story about the Salahis per episode, I’m a happy girl. (more…)

Ok, ok, before we go any further: Omarosa from The Apprentice tried to famewhore her way into last week’s episode of Real Housewives of DC and we all totally missed it. I usually have excellent reality slimeball radar, but she was able to slip past. If you catch a rerun, you can see her in the scene where Tareq Salahi opens the champagne with a sword, standing behind him and trying her best to get into the shot. I don’t know why this amuses me so much, but it does.

Anyway, about this weeks episode. We had booze, gossip, parties, etc. All the usual Real Housewives goodies. Two of the cast members also managed to make a trip overseas without embarrassing the entire country, but don’t worry – there were plenty of other deliciously shameful moments to make up for any good behavior that might have occurred overseas. (more…)

Last week, your reviews of The Real Housewives of DC were decidedly mixed, but after last night’s episode I’m not afraid to admit that I love it. Yes, “love” is the appropriate word here. Something about the contrast of proximity to power and total idiocy is just delicious, particularly when compared to the eternal trainwreck that is Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Compared to the ladies of Jersey, our DC women might as well be philosophers. Well, maybe not Michaele, but I’m not entirely convinced that Michaele knows where she is at any given time, so she might as well be a Jersey housewife. And Cat. Is it too late to deport her? But as always, if we didn’t have those two, I wouldn’t have a recap to write, so in a weird way I owe both Michaele and Cat a solid. (more…)

It was the first day of school yesterday in my area, and undoubtedly thousands of kid teetered nervously off to school make new friends, learn new things and discover their places in the world. We did the same last night with the Real Housewives of DC, just with less learning and more gauche name-dropping.

I’ve watched too many episodes of too many kinds of Real Housewives to be surprised by anything at this point, but we did get one unique thing (and lots of schadenfreude) out of last night’s premiere: Michaele Salahi, a woman who many of us already disdain for her tabloid-ready uninvited romp at the White House (and more recently, for falsely claiming that Whoopi Goldberg “abused” her on The View). Most housewives become famous for their lying, scheming and relentless social-climbing after they make their Bravo debuts. So far, Michaele is the first (and hopefully the last) to do it before the show ever airs. (more…)

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