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Mother’s Day is this Sunday, and although family-oriented holidays can be tricky (if not downright disastrous) for lots of people, everyone probably has one or two fictional, televised mothers for whom they have plenty of …

Rafe Shell iPhone 5 Cases

I have a confession to make: I have an old iPhone. A year and a half old, to be exact, which means that I have a 4S instead of a 5, despite the fact that …

Bag Deals May 3

Now that May, glorious May, has finally arrived, things around here seem to be heating up for good, finally. That also means we’re inching ever closer to summer sale season, and although it’s not here …

As the holiday party season starts to get into full swing, the question of what to wear hangs heavy in the minds of almost all party-goers. Particularly if the festivities are office-related, you might not want to wear things that are too obviously showy or expensive. Workplaces breed resentment, and in most industries, being seen as flaunting one’s wealth can be looked at as gauche.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to shy away from a glitzy little holiday clutch, though; you just have to find a way to do the look in an unexpected and fun way. The Rafe New York Erin Clutch provides precisely that opportunity: it’s little and sparkly, but it’s not over-the-top or obviously a designer bag. (more…)

How do you feel about bead work on a handbag? Unfortunately for me, bead work seems to be very hit or miss. There are some bags where the bead work is exquisite and I want nothing more than to find a reason, any reason to carry that particular bag. Then there are other times when I simply don’t understand why a designer would settle for misplaced or thoughtlessly placed beads. This kind of “detail” can take any relatively decent bag and make it absolutely fugly. So, here I am, on this gloomy Tuesday wondering where this particular Rafe bag falls. (more…)

Rafe-New-York-Mandy-HoboI hate, HATE being called Mandy. It’s not my name, and I’ve never been one for nicknames, but Mandy is THE WORST. For other people, it’s fine. In reference to me, it sounds like nothing less than nails on a chalkboard. It’s not my name!

But it is the name of the Rafe New York Mandy Hobo, and that’s fine. If the designers feel like it’s a Mandy, then that’s up to them. And this, admittedly, is one very attractive Mandy. (more…)

As far as bag brands go, I’ve never been much for Rafe – they have a very distinct aesthetic that tends to be very over-the-top, and they’re usually extremely feminine, which has never really been my look. Sometimes I kind of like what they do, other times I think that their bags really limit what could be a huge customer base.

I have no second thoughts about the Rafe Agyness Chain-Embroidered Crossbody, however. It’s on-trend and just restrained enough to be cool and still have lots of personality. (more…)

Zippers, I like. Buckle detailing, I like. However, there is one question I have to ask. Is there too much of a good thing going on with this bag? The Rafe New York Zippered Glazed Leather Hobo is a gorgeous bag yet the detailing might have gone just a bit too far. I like the shiny-glazed leather hobo. The deep, rich red color is divine and I do love the way the brushed goldtone hardware pops against the shiny leather. Yet, the over use of details still proves bothersome. (more…)

Rafe New York Erin Flap Clutch

When it comes to dressing for a fall night out, there’s nothing that I love more than a beautiful berry-colored clutch. It just so happens that the Rafe New York Erin Flap Clutch fits that description exactly. (more…)

So, I bought a really cool straw-ish hat from J. Crew a few weeks ago. You know, one of those big, beachy hats and I absolutely love it. And when I say I love it, I mean I love it but have yet to wear it. The day will come though, I promise you and myself that. So speaking of straw hats, I can’t help but notice how fun and prevalent they are during the summer months. These months are also the months when I see more and more straw handbags. At times I am adamantly against the straw handbags I see and other times I am completely enamored.

Rafe Carrie Rattan Clutch

The Rafe Carrie Rattan Clutch is a straw-esque clutch that I am enamored with. I think this clutch is nothing less than perfect for a hot summer night. And while this might shock you as much as it initially shocked me, I actually find the enamel elephant on the flap absolutely precious. It is cute, fun and flirty – all things I think of when I think about the summer. I might actually have to pick one of these up for me very soon! Buy through Luna Boston for $295.

Wow. I might be totally wrong here, but I like it, I actually really like it. The Rafe Blake Leather Hobo is a fantastic handbag with a bit of an edge to it. Italian waxed cowhide, shiny nickel studs and rivet details work well together to bring you that edge I speak of. I can see a real cowgirl (not just those of us who like to have a cowgirl hat and boots on every now and then) or a bad girl pull this look off perfectly.

Rafe Blake Leather Hobo

So you know what that means, harness your inner cowgirl or bad girl and grab this bag as you run out the door. Come to think of it, I would grab this bag as I run out the door and hop on the back of a motorcycle for a ride around town. Yep, I like this bag! Buy through Bloomingdale’s for $575.

Rafe New York Riveted Leather Large ToteWe all have those moments, moments when we find something we like but aren’t quite sure why. That was my initial reaction with the Rafé New York Riveted Leather Large Tote. Yet as I spent a little more time examining the handbag, I figured out exactly why I like the bag. It is different. Sure, many handbags are different from one another, but this bag is definitely not one you will see everywhere you look. The various detailing found throughout the bag is nothing less than eye catching. The rivets, studs and crossed straps actually all compliment one another. Usually I feel like less is more, but in this situation, I am pleased with the intricate design. And where there are cutouts, the grey linen lining can be seen. Clearly there is ample storage room. But more than that I have to go back to the fact that I like that the bag is a bit different. I can see someone going for a boho chic look carrying a bag like this, can’t you? Plus since the bag has a simple yet intricate look, there has to be several different situations in which you’d like to carry this bag. Buy through Nordstom for $695.