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As much as I might personally enjoy rhinestones and brights and multicolor bags and any other kind of handbag design chicanery of which you can think, I realize that not all people can or will use bags with such loud personalities. For those of you with real jobs who actually have to go to an office everyday (or those of you who simply prefer neutral bags in simple shapes), the Marni Quilted Leather Tote would like to speak with you for a moment.

Marni’s handbags have been long-underrated among accessories enthusiasts, and their clean, functional shapes and mostly neutral colors deserve far more attention than they get. My favorite thing about Marni, of course, is that among all that neutral functionality, there’s always a couple of off-kilter twists waiting for those who care to pay attention. (more…)

I thought we had seen Rebecca Minkoff‘s popular Morning After and Morning After Mini Bags in just about every iteration you can think of – studded, embossed, bicolor, bimaterial, zippered, riveted – but it looks as though there was one option that we missed – quilted. Luckily for us, the fine folks at RM didn’t forget about it, and we’re here to present the Rebecca Minkoff Quilted Morning After Mini Bag

When done correctly, quilting imparts a wonderful sense of depth and texture onto a bag, and Minkoff has done well with this version of the bag that made her famous. The flat leather accents provide a nice visual alternative to the quilting, and the sparse domed studs add to the on-trend military feel of this bag. (more…)

I know some people will be miffed about the rather obvious source of Felix Rey’s inspiration for the Felix Rey Isabell Shoulder Bag, but I’m not mad at it. I’ll take a witty, less expensive riff on Chanel any day of the week, and that’s exactly what we have here. Even better that it’s from a line which makes quality bags out of good materials.

There’s nothing groundbreaking about this bag, but it would probably be a fun addition to a lot of wardrobes nonetheless. Particularly if you don’t have $3000 to spend on the inspiration, this is a good way to get the look at a fraction of the price, without buying a fake or nearly direct copy of the original. This bag still has its own style and a healthy dose of irreverence, which makes it a-ok in my book. (more…)

Chanel (and more recently, Marc Jacobs) has made an empire out of diamond quilting, but even for the most ardent fan of the Classic Flap bags, it can get a little repetitive. Still, quilting is one of the best and most versatile ways to add texture and detail to a handbag, and it shouldn’t be discounted just because so many others have done it in the past.

Alexander Wang has the right idea about how to make quilting unique with the Alexander Wang Isis Frame Clutch. The classic motif reminds me a bit of what another famous Alexander (McQueen) has done for Fall, but Wang keeps the colors dark and the details industrial in order to tie the look back into his brand’s style. (more…)

Sometimes in fashion, the phrase “ask and ye shall receive” holds true. I’m pleased to say that appears to be the case with my recent complaint about Dior’s somewhat tedious bag line – a few of the bags from the brand’s recently presented Resort 2011 line caught my attention.

For me, the clear standout of the line is this Dior Resort 2011 Tote, which doesn’t have an official name or price as of yet. Although the design is fairly simple, it manages to represent everything that a Dior bag should be – it’s feminine, Parisian and obviously designed by Dior. (more…)

I am.

I mean no disrespect, of course – Dior is one of the most storied and important brands in the history of luxury as we know it, and they do a fantastic job with a lot of aspects of their business (I’m a particular fan of their makeup). When it comes to bags, though…what gives?

Along with the Fendi Baguette, Dior’s Saddle Bag helped launched the It Bag trend that got so many of us interested in designer bags. Since then, though, the brand has been a bit quiet when it comes to influential bag design. With the notable exception of the Gaucho bag, it’s been mostly bags like the Dior Lady Dior Top Handle for the past five years. (more…)

Why have I been writing about so many black bags recently? That’s not a rhetorical question – I really would like to know. Not only do I normally prefer bright bags in almost every case, but it’s summer! It should be time for beautiful shades of blue, yellow and pink, but for some reason, half of the bags that I’ve loved recently have been black. Maybe my love for the color is affecting me in ways that I never thought that it would. Alternately, maybe the winter industrial trend has spilled over a bit in to spring.

Or perhaps there have just been an unusually high number of good black bags released recently. Thankfully for all of us, many of them have been exceptionally well-priced, such as the DKNY Quilted Leather Tote. (more…)

Let’s get one thing cleared up before we begin: if the whole Marc Jacobs/Chanel “resemblance” issue over the past several years makes you have a rage blackout, this might not be the post (or the bag) for you. If the appropriation of quilted leather and chains strikes you as more of a winking homage than an out-and-out ripoff, then keep reading. Either way, if you get to the end of this post and are feeling a little stabby, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

For those of you that dig Jacobs’ Chanel-reminiscent handbags, the news that he’s now making the ever-popular “The Single” minibag in not-so-mini sizes is probably welcome news. One of those new bags is the Marc Jacobs The XL Quilting Shoulder Bag, and as the name would imply, it’s supersized for ease of day-to-day use. Oh, another thing to point out: it costs a couple of grand less than a Chanel Jumbo Classic Flap. (more…)

Now that we’ve seen one example today of metallic gone egregiously wrong, I though it might be nice to give some props to a brand that has managed to get it oh so right – Lanvin.

I don’t love all of the brand’s handbags, but given an opportunity to see them in person, the quality of materials and attention to detail really shine. I haven’t seen the Lanvin Amalia Cabas Metallic Tote yet, but I have seen the matte leather version, and the subtle glimmer effect of this leather only makes me love it more. (more…)

Now that I’ve seen the Marc by Marc Jacobs Quilty Q line, I’m somewhat surprised that it didn’t come about earlier. Parent brand Marc Jacobs has been using quilted details heavily for half a decade, and often things trickle down from one line to another.

The Marc by Marc Jacobs Quilty Q Classic Leola Hobo is my favorite bag from the line thus far. I may like this hobo just fine, the Quilty Q bags as a whole are a bit disappointing – mostly, they’re just quilted versions of bags that we’ve already seen, and I’m not sure exactly what (if anything) the extra stitching adds to the familiar designs. I love MbMJ as much as the next girl (and quite possibly more), but this isn’t hitting the creative mark that I’m used to from the brand. (more…)

There’s no doubt about it: turquoise, teal and any variation thereof are the colors of the season. And really, why shouldn’t they be? Blue-greens look fabulous against colors like white and yellow, which are nearly omnipresent during warmer months. It only fits.

In light of all that, I can’t help but like the Steven by Steve Madden Oversized Quilted Clutch in such a timely hue. I’ve never been overly impressed with the materials or finishes that the line uses, but the clutch is real leather, and the lines are simple and clean enough that it might appeal to those that have already written off the line. (more…)

We got quite a response the last time that I wrote about the Gorjana Hudson Quilted Crossbody Bag, and several posters were disappointed that it sold out soon after our review went up. Well, we thought that we’d let you know that ShopBop has restocked the little charmer, and it’s still at the totally reasonable price that got everyone so excited. Buy through ShopBop for $198.

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