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Lest we forget, there are other actresses in Suicide Squad besides Margot Robbie, including retired supermodel Cara Delevingne. And while Margot is all florals and Gucci for this press tour, Cara is naturally taking things …

We are huge fans of Rihanna’s style, even though her handbag choices have gotten a tad predictable lately because of her very lucrative endorsement deals with Dior. But, Ri-Ri steps out in a different pair …

Both Megs and I are fairly athletic. In fact, without tooting the family horn, I have to say our entire family is athletic. And although my competitive sport days are over, I still make a valiant effort to work out a few times a week. If you are a work out junkie (or even someone who simply tries to fit it in from time to time) you know that while not necessary, a fashionable workout bag is hard to come by. I don’t really try and make a fashion statement at the gym, but it wouldn’t be horrible to carry a bag that isn’t god awful.

Puma Remix Grip Bag

This is where the Puma Remix Grip Bag comes into play. No, you aren’t going to find anything too out there with this bag, but when it comes to gym bags, this isn’t a bag option. The faux leather handbag has quilted logo detailing and pockets both externally and internally. The double handles will make grabbing the bag oh so easy as you run out of the house. And the nice extra touch? Goldtoned hardware! Last but not least… the price … you really can’t beat it! Buy through ShopBop for $60!

An athletic shoe company? Making nice handbags? You’re not serious, right? Oh, you are? Ok…well I guess Puma is slightly more stylish than your average sneaker brand, and they are a favorite of hipsters everywhere. So maybe I can see that. They do make a lot of man bags that seem very popular, a woman bag couldn’t have been far behind. And now ShopBop carries them, which, you know, who knew? And I quite like the Puma Runway Shoulder Bag. I’d take the extra shoulder strap off (natch!), but what you’ve got is an affordable, on-trend (purple AND patent!), highly usable handbag. I like the light gold hardware (particularly the zip-around zipper) and the subtle branding, plus the color is divine and I wouldn’t be afraid to throw it on the floor of my car if I needed to (at the moment, it makes me absolutely cringe). And, I mean, I guess you could use it as a messenger bag, if you’re in to that sort of thing. Which I’m not. So. Buy through Shop Bop for $110.