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Prada Tessuto Wristlet

Could we go as far as to label this Prada bag a bag deal? I don’t see why not. As much as many Prada bags go a bit too far, are a bit too overpriced, are simply bags with the Prada logo, this wristlet is cute and perfect for so many occasions. The Prada Tessuto Wristlet is a winning design for many reasons, namely the look is chic, the materials will last, and the price is ideal. As much as I prefer leather, the nylon will make this bag perfect for a night out with friends and really ideal for a bar. No worries about party fouls, because you can just wipe this wristlet and move on. And then comes into play the fact that there is a strap, which I adore. There are not many clutches out there with wrist straps anymore, but there should be. Hands free is the way to go and it is hard to come by. There is a zipper closure and Prada jacquard lining. Measurements are 8¾”W X 10″H X 1″D. But the real deal sealer? The price. Buy through Saks for $310.

Prada Vitellino Mordore’A Clutch

I swear when I first looked at this clutch there was a silver metallic version available as well as the purple metallic. But now the only option left is the purple metallic, which of course, me being me, I love. There has been my long post on purple clutches along with my Miu Miu Clutch love. So I have a slight obsession. But this clutch, this sexy option from Prada, has my heart palpitating. It is overall simple. There are no bells or whistles. Nothing amazing. But the simplicity of the design is what grabs me, what makes me give the bag a second glance and think to myself, “this is so me”. The Prada Vitellino Mordore’A Clutch shows off richly gathered calfskin with a signature metal Prada logo in the center. Dimensions are just right, about 9½”W X 4″H X ½”D. The purple metallic will look stunning with fall and winter greys. It is my new purple clutch obsession for the day. Now I promise to lay off the purple (but it may be hard!). Buy through Saks for $520.

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