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Normally, my friends, I don’t wear hearts at all- not on necklaces, shirts, or bags- not even as an unoffending charm on my charm bracelet. But illustrated hearts have proven to be a different matter, at least in this case. You see, what I lack in hearts I more than make up in stars, and I’m finding the combination of the two in multicolored, illustrated form to be quite irresistible.

Of course, the Lanvin Love Canvas Pochette is quite artsy, veering towards the artsy and crafty, so it’s certainly not for everyone. But I must admit that it’s totally cute and wonderfully free, though it’s clear that it’s far from painted by a kinder-gardener. No, these are careful scribbles perfectly penned to create the happy-go-lucky atmosphere of the pochette. (more…)

Don’t get me wrong; I love my shearling. I’m just not sure if I’d actually carry it in handbag form. You see, on the feet or on the body, this fabulous fur does a super job of keeping its human warm and cozy. But on a bag? Do your wallet, cell phone, keys, and other doodads really and truly need to be kept warm and cozy? It’s quite the existential question, but I won’t go into that. (more…)

Before I started working for Team Purse Blog (we should get some t-shirts made, shouldn’t we) there were several designers I hadn’t heard about. Antik Batik is a good example of this. And now that I look back, we’ve covered quite a few bags from this designer and per usual there are some I like more than others. But hey, isn’t that always the case? (more…)

Marc Jacobs Safari Pouchette Bag

Must. Share. This. Bag. That’s right, here is a great example of a handbag that I had to stop and write about. We all know that Marc Jacobs is known for exquisite and must-have bags. I admit, there are times when I wonder why some of the bags are sooo sought after but of course there are other times when I know EXACTLY why an MJ bag sells out close to instantly. But, this bag my friends, I can’t tell if is a knock out or a rip off.

Marc Jacobs on ModelThe Marc Jacobs Safari Pouchette Bag is a ferocious bag with an unbelievable price tag. Thank goodness for the several different image options Net-a-Porter provides, because when I first saw this bag, it looked like a pile of material with some sort of rope-thingy.

Yet, when I saw the bag being held, I thought, “hmmm, not too bad”. This bag is definitely not one you see everywhere you look so I have to acknowledge the individuality it possesses. Zebra-print ponyskin has a draw string closure, adorned with tassels, leather flower charms (which I adore) and lined with blue leather. However, the price, yowza! Buy through Net-a-Porter for $1895.

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