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Normally, we’re the ones who do the disseminating of information around here. We’re bloggers, that’s our job, and we wouldn’t be very good at it if things were the other way around. Sometimes we need to pick your collective brains, though, and today is one of those times.

Ever since I happened upon the Rebecca Minkoff Kerry Pouch in the “silver blackwash” finish that you see here, I’ve been obsessed with finding one of Minkoff larger bags in this finish and making it mine. I’ve been able to find various bags in the bronze and peach blackwashes, but nothing in silver except for this pouch and a wallet. HELP. (more…)

There’s something I’ve heard a lot about Maison Martin Margiela. It’s a little phrase, and it starts like this: Back when Margiela was good… etcetera. That’s sort of depressing, and while some may think that it applies to this nifty little sack, I disagree. On the contrary, I believe that this MM6 Maison Martin Margiela Suede Pouch is understated enough to be perfectly chic.

It’s entirely suede, but that makes for a wonderful summer bag. Plus it adds an extra texturized touch to your outfit, which is, let’s face it, mostly cotton at that time of year. And the color is a sort of a toned-down indigo with a touch of grey, unexpected for summer. Perhaps it’s just because I like wearing wintry textures and colors in the summer, which slightly confuses people, but this pouch is growing on me more and more. (more…)

So here is the deal. I don’t really like Betsey Johnson handbags. There are just way too out there for me. At the same time, I can totally take that flashy aspect when it is a demonstrated on a smaller bag. Today was the first day, I think ever, in my entire life, that I came across a Betsey Johnson bag that I really liked. (more…)

Wowie zowie folks. This is a lot of bag for such a little bag. While my first reaction was, “this bag isn’t for me”, there is no doubt that this is actually a great statement piece if you have both the event and the funds for it. So instead of just moving onto the next bag, I decided that this is the kind of bag worth dissecting a bit. While your first instinct might say, “hot mess”, there is actually a bit of brilliance behind the Donna Karan Jewelry Chandelier Leather Pouch Bag. (more…)

I’ve been staring at this Coach Sequin Pouch for a few days trying to reconcile my feelings about it, but to no avail. Here’s the problem: recently we covered the Coach Sequins Spotlight Bag, which I unexpectedly adored. And then this Coach bag came my way, also with sequins, also Coach Poppy, but somehow much less exciting and special.

Now, I’m not a sequins girl. In fact, most of what I wear is carefully chosen to be sans any sort of flashiness. So while it was curious that I loved the Spotlight so much, this bag should come as no surprise. And yet, while knowing that I myself would never wear a sequined creation, I recognize that this bag is quite wearable. (more…)

Donna Karan Goatskin Loop Pouch I am having one of those moments. I keep staring at the Donna Karan Goatskin Loop Pouch knowing that I have seen something familiar from another designer, knowing that I featured it on Purse Blog previously. For the life of me I can not remember and can not find it when searching. So on a random note, whoever finds what I am talking about gets a virtual cookie!

Back to this Donna Karan pouch. Can I just say that I adore it? Hands free is so integral and having a loop pouch does the trick magnificently. I love the rocker edge given to this bag with the metal zipper. I don’t doubt that the goatskin is amazingly supple as well. Once you slide this on your wrist, you are good to go. Dimensions are 7″W X 8″H X 3″D. I love this design! Come on designers, hop onto the wristlet wagon, it is a fun ride. Buy through Saks for $695.

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