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Is the Paul & Joe Casimir Tote not reading as particularly high-end to anyone else? To me, it kind of looks like a $40 PVC bag from Target, and I’m trying to figure out why. I think the first problem might be the plethora of contrast stitching – unless done exactly right and in exactly the right amount, contrast stitching tends to look either tacky or home-sewn, and sometimes both. On this bag, it seems to be everywhere. I think that the finish of the leather also might be problematic (it definitely is in this picture). It’s way too glossy for the color of the bag, and it’s making it shine kind of awkwardly. It isn’t a flat gloss like you would see in a patent situation, either – it’s kind of mottled and not exactly smooth, like the fake leather you see on discount store handbags.

Paul & Joe Casimir Tote

I mentioned the color previously, and now I’m thinking it might be a problem in and of itself – I think bags of this shade only really work in super soft, slouchy leather since it’s such a casual shade, and this bag appears stiff even in the lower section, which looks like it’s meant to be soft and touchable. This is the first handbag that I can remember that we’ve featured from this brand, and sadly, I think they need to head back to the drawing board. Buy through ShopBop for $568.