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When we covered this tote in yellow python back in March, what tripped up most people was the price – $4500 is a lot for a bag, whether or not it’s exotic. Since then, I’ve been on the lookout for a regular leather version, and lo and behold, the Salvatore Ferragamo Plume Patchwork Bag finally came along to grant my wish.

Even in a decidedly more pedestrian material, the design of this bag holds up to scrutiny. It’s a little bit left-of-center when you compare it to your average tote with an extra shoulder strap, and I couldn’t be more pleased. (more…)

I was in total agreement with Amanda’s review of the Marc by Marc Jacobs Damisi Patchwork Leola Satchel. There are plenty of pluses but the finish of the bag did make it look a tad cheap. Now, I do love when I can find a great designer bag at a low price, but I will never carry a bag that looks cheap. There are simply way too many options out there without having to sling something on your shoulder that diminishes your overall appearance. With all of this being said, I almost wrote off the Damisi Patchwork Line until today. (more…)

Everything is coming up boho these days. The recent Chanel Cruise 2011 show has me convinced – the hippie look is officially a Thing, at every level of fashion. Luckily, since the trend has such down-market origins, it’s easy to find clothes and accessories at every price point to achieve the look. For example, if you want an of-the-moment bag but don’t want to empty your entire piggy bank to buy one from the Chanels of the world, the Marc by Marc Jacobs Damisi Patchwork Leola Satchel is a really nice mid-range option.

I’m a little concerned about the logo plate sitting smack-dab amid all of the soft-looking camel leather, but I’m willing to let it slide. It aslo has a bit of a late-70s feel in an Urban Cowboy way that can be so, so chic if done correctly, and this bag is certainly a piece around which a retro-cool outfit could be easily built. (more…)

The thing that irritates me the most is when a bag manages to do one thing wrong that ruins the whole design for me. As they say in sports, sometimes a bag manages to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Cleobella almost had a bag that was full of win on their hands here, but sadly, patchwork leather makes the Cleobella Brixton Rock Bag a loser in my book.

I was trying to think of what exactly the piecing effect reminds me of, and then it hit me – nasty, faux patchwork leather bomber jackets, often sold at Wal-Mart. And then I remember this Alexander Wang bomber jacket bag debacle, and I’m wondering where all of this ironic tackiness is going to end. (more…)

Above all else, it’s important for what a designer adds to a material to bring out that material’s natural beauty, not detract from it. Handbags are a celebration of what they’re made with – soft leather, tough hardware, polished exotics – and if a designer ruins a material because he or she just can’t leave well-enough alone, then in my mind, they’ve committed one of the cardinal sins of handbags.

Which is exactly what happened with the Cole Haan Sloane Woven Suede Tote. (more…)

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