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I cannot begin to imagine the frustration Joy Gryson and her company must feel over seeing a very similar brand name pop up and cause brand confusion. Many have thought Olivia & Joy is a new offshoot by Joy Gryson, but it is not. Do not be confused, there is absolutely no affiliation, and we wanted to help clear up any confusion that buyers might have. (more…)

As I’ve said repeatedly in this space and others, I do not wear real fur. That’s a personal choice for me, and I’m not going to lecture anyone on why they should make the same decision. I merely wish that more designers would consider using faux fur instead of the real thing, particularly when they just need a little bit and warmth is not an issue. The Olivia Harris Fur Baby Ball Bag would have been a perfect opportunity to use high-quality faux.

Joy Gryson, the designer behind the line, chose to use rabbit instead, which means that I can’t buy this particular bag. And that’s too bad – if it had been faux, I would have certainly considered it. Most fur bags look shapeless and puffy, but this one uses its small scale to its advantage and ends up being pretty cute. (more…)

At this point, bucket bags and studs are no one’s new favorite trends anymore. Particularly studs – I can’t remember the last time I saw a bag that was covered in studs that didn’t look like Fall/Winter 2009 had thrown up all over it. Drawstrings, if a recent post on the subject over at PurseBlog is any indication, are quickly headed in that direction.

Still, somehow, Olivia Harris managed to combine the two and still make a bag that I would consider purchasing. Maybe it’s the rich burgundy dye, but the Olivia Harris Staple Pouchette combines two flagging trends to create something that just might be more than the sum of its parts. (more…)

See people, this is what I am talking about when I express how I feel that so many shoulder straps are unnecessary. The shoulder strap on the Olivia Harris Lambskin Round Sack Tote is not only unnecessary, it is also absolutely FUGLY. I know for a fact that I would have a much different opinion if say, the strap was the same color as the bag itself. However, a black bag with a tan shoulder strap just screams “handbag don’t” to me. (more…)

So, there is a good chance you know that we do our best *not* to replicate handbag coverage here. There are so many handbags out there that we become busy trying to cover a wide variety of our favorites (and sometimes not so favorites), meaning we don’t really find a need to revisit a given design. However, every now and again there is a bag that has already been reviewed by myself or another member of the PurseBlog team that deserves a revisit.

All of this being said, the Olivia Harris Zip Pocket Leather Clutch is a handbag completely deserving of the revisit. Amanda covered this bag back this past fall and while I liked it, I completely appreciate this version oh so much more. (more…)


Some of you know that I’ve been searching high and low for the right minibag for what seems like months now, and it always seems like there’s something wrong with all the ones that I find – they’re too little or too big, they cost too much or way too much, they’re too traditional or too bohemian. I review handbags for a living, so I’m good at finding fault and not quite as good at finding something that I totally love, without reservation.

Well, I found it: I’m head over heels for the Olivia Harris Baby Ball Bag, and I very much intend to order one. (more…)

I’m not too familiar with Olivia Harris, but from the looks of her selection on Bloomingdales.com, I really should be. We’ve covered the designer here on PurseBlog Savvy before, but the Olivia Harris Studded Lambskin Crossbody Bag deserves its own post. (more…)

I love a look for less that shows us similar styles without looking like the idea has been completely imitated. This is what I see when I compare the Derek Lam Nadia Hobo and the Olivia Harris Round Zip Pocket Tote. Both of these bags contain similar qualities. Let’s break it down and see what we have. (more…)

I know that it might be the new thing right now, but I can just not get behind the whole “denim” trend. Whether it’s actual denim or leather treated to resemble it, I still sneer a bit, involuntarily, whenever I see or hear it mentioned. I don’t wear much denim, and blue isn’t exactly my go-to color (that would be black).

However, if I had to pick one of spring’s denim bags as my favorite so far, it would be the Olivia Harris Pillow Washed Lambskin Hobo. I’m hinging my choice heavily on the usage of the word “lambskin” in the bag’s title and the lovely shade of blue that the folks at Olivia Harris chose. (more…)

The more I see from Olivia Harris, the more I like the brand, designed by Joy Gryson. The leather looks fabulous and on most bags, including the Olivia Harris Studded Ball Hobo, it’s lambskin. And in case you’re not aware, that means it almost certainly IS fabulous in real life.

Not only that, but it also appears to be functional and a little bit funky. Ladies, I’m intrigued. They’ve got my attention. My interest is piqued. I was going to try and think of a few more ways to say that, but I’m fresh out, so just click the little linky-poo, will ya? (more…)


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