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The Best Bag Deals for the Weekend of April 19

[Editor’s Note: Because of the very serious events in Boston at the end of last week, our regular Friday features will be running today.]

It’s been, to put it lightly, a tough week if you …

Bag Deals March 29

Happy Friday, you guys – we’ve made it another week! It finally got around to being sorta-kinda spring in New York City this week, so everyone on the PurseBlog team is feeling an extra pep …

Valentine’s Day is never as bad (or good, depending) as anyone expects it will be, so I’m hoping everyone survived with minimal relationship strife and binge-eating of ice cream. If you’re still looking for a …

Seasonal transitions are among the most difficult things to deal with in fashion. It’s cold in the morning, warm by afternoon and then cold again for happy hour, and who knows what it’s going to …

The Row Suede and Leather Doctor Bag: Was $4750, Now $2375 via Net-a-Porter

Not all sales are created equal, and when bargain-hunting, it’s best to remember that if you didn’t love something at full price, …

I cannot begin to imagine the frustration Joy Gryson and her company must feel over seeing a very similar brand name pop up and cause brand confusion. Many have thought Olivia & Joy is a new offshoot by Joy Gryson, but it is not. Do not be confused, there is absolutely no affiliation, and we wanted to help clear up any confusion that buyers might have. (more…)

Fall can be a tough time to find a reasonably priced bag. Not only do the straw and linen options of summer suddenly vanish, but they’re replaced by far more expensive materials, particularly for Fall …

Every handbag collection needs a classic bag. When many think of timeless bags, Chanel and Hermes come to mind but these timeless bags are not feasibly options for most. I love stumbling upon savvy options and Olivia Harris delivers again.

For those searching for a crisp and classic affordable bag, the Olivia Harris Jackie Satchel might suffice. (more…)

When studs re-surged in the handbag world, we suddenly found the market to be over-flooded with studs. That look surely did not work for everyone nor did it have true staying power, but studs have not completely left our sight. I appreciate a little bit of studding, especially when it is done properly.

With the right amount of studs, Olivia Harris knocks this bag out of the park. (more…)

As I’ve said repeatedly in this space and others, I do not wear real fur. That’s a personal choice for me, and I’m not going to lecture anyone on why they should make the same decision. I merely wish that more designers would consider using faux fur instead of the real thing, particularly when they just need a little bit and warmth is not an issue. The Olivia Harris Fur Baby Ball Bag would have been a perfect opportunity to use high-quality faux.

Joy Gryson, the designer behind the line, chose to use rabbit instead, which means that I can’t buy this particular bag. And that’s too bad – if it had been faux, I would have certainly considered it. Most fur bags look shapeless and puffy, but this one uses its small scale to its advantage and ends up being pretty cute. (more…)

At this point, bucket bags and studs are no one’s new favorite trends anymore. Particularly studs – I can’t remember the last time I saw a bag that was covered in studs that didn’t look like Fall/Winter 2009 had thrown up all over it. Drawstrings, if a recent post on the subject over at PurseBlog is any indication, are quickly headed in that direction.

Still, somehow, Olivia Harris managed to combine the two and still make a bag that I would consider purchasing. Maybe it’s the rich burgundy dye, but the Olivia Harris Staple Pouchette combines two flagging trends to create something that just might be more than the sum of its parts. (more…)

See people, this is what I am talking about when I express how I feel that so many shoulder straps are unnecessary. The shoulder strap on the Olivia Harris Lambskin Round Sack Tote is not only unnecessary, it is also absolutely FUGLY. I know for a fact that I would have a much different opinion if say, the strap was the same color as the bag itself. However, a black bag with a tan shoulder strap just screams “handbag don’t” to me. (more…)