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I think a post I wrote about earlier this week has been on my mind ever since. As I mentioned, I was thoroughly disappointed with the Kooba Side Sling Shoulder Bag. Between the color and the shape, I felt like I needed to keep rubbing my eyes to see if I had something blocking my vision. After I posted, I read comments over on the Purse Forum and it seemed like many of you felt the same way I did about the color – drab. Today, I came across the Olivia Harris Patch EW Satchel. Now, this is a yellow leather I like. The color looks rich and luscious. Beyond that, the shape works and I love the pockets and such which adorn the handbag. Obviously satchels are big enough to use as you run around town. I feel that this one in particular can also be toted around well into the night. It is practical and stylish. Did Olivia Harris do a better job with this yellow bag than Kooba did with theirs? Buy through Luna Boston for $495.