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Kooba and NYC Prep

I am all about collaborations. I love when the Purse Blog team partners up with designers and I love with designers partner with other designers, celebs and TV shows! For those of you who are addicted to tv shows on Bravo as much as I am, you’ve already heard about the new partnership they are doing with Kooba.

Kooba has created unique handbags in colors just for the spoiled girls of NYC Prep. I’ve caught the show a few times and while some of the kids (yes, these are kids) seem semi-normal, many of them seem like total spoiled brats. These spoiled socialites can be spotted carrying classic Kooba designs in custom colors just for the girls. It is great to see one of my favorite handbag designers on the screen! Check out NYC Prep and see if you can spot one of the great Kooba bags!