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We’ve discussed the finer points of the Christian Louboutin Sweet Charity Shoulder Bag several times before, but Christian Louboutin just keeps coming up with more iterations of this bag that we can’t help but love. And when we love something, we feel compelled to post.

After a bit of thought, I think I’ve finally figured out why Louboutin has so much success with this line of handbags when the rest of the brand’s offerings tend to fall flat: A squared, hard-edged shoulder bag allows him the same sort of fixed structure as a shoe and beckons for the kind of embellishment and flair that marks the brand’s best work. This snakeskin and nubuck version is one of the bag’s more subdued looks, but the pale colors have me transfixed. (more…)

We’ve already covered the monstrously priced crocodile shoulder bag from Posh Spice’s neophyte handbag line, and the response was almost unanimous: While it might be a nice bag, $14,000 is a lot to pay for something from a brand new company of any sort, let alone one that bears the precarious designation of being a “celebrity clothing line.”

That bag was on the high end of the collection’s price point, though, and the Victoria Beckham Leather and Nubuck Shoulder Bag seems to be much more typical of what we should expect from the ex-Spice Girl’s accessories. With a $2600 price tag, it’s nowhere near as expensive as its croc cousin, but still mighty spendy for most people. What say you? (more…)

Jerome Dreyfuss Nubuck Billy BagBefore this year, I had never ever seen a high-end handbag made of nubuck. In fact, I had to look up exactly what nubuck was in order to write this post. I had heard of it previously, of course – mostly in the suede-ish bomber jackets sold at cheapy retailers like Wal-Mart during the winter – but was unsure if it was ACTUALLY an animal product. And as it turns out, it is. To be more precise, it’s leather buffed on the skin-side to look and feel similar to suede (which is, of course, made from the other side of a tanned skin).

It had been completely off my fashion radar until YSL made several bags out of the material last season, and now we’ve got the Jerome Dreyfuss Nubuck Billy Bag in the same material. We already covered this bag in a nasty 80s upholstery pattern, but now it’s in bright turquoise, and I’m feeling a bit differently about it. It’s far from love-at-first-sight, but the color is so bright and pretty that it make’s the bag’s awkward construction and unusual material work. Sort of. It looks kind of deconstructed and more hippy chic than hippy dippy, and it may just prove the old political adage true: the medium is the message. Buy through ShopBop for $848.