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Ladies, how do we feel about this? Nine West is charging us over $100 for a clutch. A Nine West clutch. Admittedly, the Nine West Vintage Leather Clutch IS, as it claims, leather. And the leather looks like it might be nice. But so far, Nine West as branded themselves as a low-cost alternative to designer handbags, and I don’t think I’m comfortable paying triple digits for any of their bags. Admittedly, it’s not nearly as much as we often see for clutches, but I’ve seen plenty of nice ones from plenty of Savvy designers marked down in to the $100 price range.

Nine West Vintage Leather Clutch

They may be trying to change their brand message here in order to encourage customers to adapt to a higher price point, but in an economy where consumers are looking for value, it may be the wrong time to do it. At any rate, it looks big and roomy, making it a good day-to-night bag, and I like the color, despite the fact that it doesn’t look spring-y at all. I would have preferred it at a lower price-point, and if it had been put at one, I’d most certainly be adding one to my shopping cart as we speak. As it is, I think I’ll wait for it to go on sale. Buy through Nine West for $145.