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We’ve spoken a bit about Valentino’s aggressive love for neons, but the Valentino VaVaVoom Neon Crystal Shoulder Bag may be the clearest indication yet that someone in the brand’s accessories department may have eaten too …

If I’m being accurate, this post actually comes to you via my mom. A few days ago, she emailed me a link to the Marc by Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Python Shine Messenger with the message, “Doesn’t Marc know that Proenza does this bag better?” And, well, yes. Marc probably knows that! In fact, the Proenza Schouler PS1 Pouchette just debuted in a very similar color of acid yellow. If you’re on a budget, though, I think that the Marc version is a pretty reasonable alternative. (more…)

Leghila Neoprene B-Bag Tote, $375 via Luisa Via Roma

Around here, we have plenty of fun pointing out those companies who seek to ride each others’ design coattails to financial and sartorial success. Almost every company, big or small, well known or not, fits that descriptor from time to time, but then there are those who take the whole enterprise up several degrees of magnitude. When that happens, we get bags like the Leghila Neoprene B-Bag Tote. (more…)

Cambridge Satchel Co. Fluoro Satchels, $155 via ShopBop

Both Megs and I have long been a fan of the timeless Cambridge Satchel Company, which started making its ultra-traditional school bags in 2008 as a way for the founders to pay school fees. Since then, the brand has become a cult favorite in the fashion industry, and its highly sought-after Fluoro Collection has been on my radar since its debut months ago.

It used to be that you had to order these bags online and wait for them to be delivered from overseason, but when you consider that it only cost $155 for an all-leather, British-made handbag, that was an inconvenience an incredible number of people were willing to handle. Now, thankfully, we don’t have to – in addition to the four fluoro colors we all know and love coming to ShopBop.com, Bloomingdale’s is going to be carrying the same brights in its New York City stores and on its website starting next week, plus an in-store exclusive: a neon blue satchel. Check out that bag after the jump! (more…)

What if the case in question were the acid yellow Proenza Schouler iPad Case, which is easily the least iPad-case-looking designer iPad case I’ve seen since the advent of the product? How many more times do you think I can work the phrase “iPad case” into this post? I’d say that the over-under is six.

Anyway, this thing’s kind of a looker, right? And at $685, it’s cheaper than any of Proenza Schouler’s other clutches by a long shot, and unlike most spendy iPad cases (1), this one actually has a functional front flap pocket and the same detailing as the rest of the brand’s handbags. So I ask you: Why not leave the iPad at home, throw your regular stuff inside and carry this iPad case (2) as a clutch? (more…)

With all the attention that Celine’s immaculate Classic Box Bags have received, one would think that more designers at every price level would be jumping on the bandwagon to give the look a shot. Some have, to be sure, there are a few companies who I expected to see make the effort sooner.

Jil Sander is one such brand, and I feel as though I’ve been waiting to see the Jil Sander Lady Crossbody for at least two seasons. It’s here! It’s finally here! And it’s very good. (more…)

Alexander McQueen Wicca Velvet-Covered Leather Shoulder Bag, $1365 via Net-a-Porter

Designers seem to be trying to make velvet happen once again for fall, and despite being a child of the 90s and an unashamed fan of the era’s grungy, highly questionable fashion, I’ve been slow to warm to the almost-trend. I remember having velvet T-shirts and dresses too vividly in elementary school for velvet to be an automatic winner in my mind as an adult.

But I’m a McQueen fangirl of the highest order, which means that I’m willing to consider basically anything the brand designs with an open mind. As a result, I might kind of totally love the Alexander McQueen Wicca Velvet-Covered Leather Shoulder Bag. If only I understood exactly what “velvet-covered leather” means. (more…)

Why hasn’t Marc by Marc Jacobs done more neon bags before now? The world may never know. It seems like the brand’s young, hip client base would have been the perfect people to embrace the trend early and often, but MbMJ has so far relegated its fluorescents to trim and accents. But no longer – Marc by Marc Jacobs Resort 2012 looks like it’s going to be full of Day Glo neon goodness.

We only have a couple of pictures to show you, but they’re worth a look. The clear winner of this small group is the black and highlighter yellow clutch at the top, and I’ve already mentally moved $350 from my checking account to my savings account to wait for its debut. If only it weren’t going to be six months. Two more shots after the jump. (more…)

Seasons come and seasons go, but in the fashion world, Celine is still the must-have bag for people who are interested in a bag’s must-haveness. The brand only has one US boutique at the moment …

I don’t always get a chance to see a bag before I write about it, but in the case of the Botkier Ava Crossbody Bag, my opinion is one based on familiarity and use. I received one of Fall 2010’s original Ava bags in black from the fine folks at Botkier last year, and it’s a bag I continue to use regularly. It’s the perfect size for a daytime crossbody – big enough to hold your essentials and a little bit more, but not big enough to weigh you down. In fact, I’ve taken it out for several evenings without feeling as though I was lugging a day bag; it’s one of the few designs that I own that is truly day-to-night. But the shape isn’t the only thing with which I’ve had in-person experience… (more…)

I’m not entirely sure why this color of the Furla Futura Croc Shopper is called “mango,” because if you ever slice open a mango and it’s this color, you probably shouldn’t eat it. Other than that, though, I’m glad to see that mid-range designers have embraced the neon trend; it may not be everyone’s cup o’ tea, but having a full color spectrum to choose from makes life a lot more interesting for those of us who embrace the odd side of aesthetics.

What’s stopping me from loving this bag, though is that it may not be odd enough. I can’t decide whether it’s the bag’s structure, embossing or both that are giving me pause, but something is rotten in the state of Furla. (more…)

Neon is one of those trends that can strike fear into the hearts of even the most creative of bag lovers. What are we supposed to do with neon? Is wearing it just going to make us look like trend-worshippers, or is it a legitimately fun thing to have around? Don’t worry, incorporating it into a wardrobe is easier than you think, and I promise that wearing or carrying a bit of neon will bring a smile to your face.

If you’d like to keep things on a very neutral level, allow me to suggest the Marc by Marc Jacobs Saddlery Cadet Bag. The taupe lulls onlookers into a false sense of security – oh, what a cute beige bag – but as soon as you turn a little bit, they get a peek at the acid green piping along the leather’s edges. (more…)