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For months, I have labored under the impression that The Nice Guy was a late night hang-out for celebs, and while that’s not entirely untrue (they have a special “late night” menu, an impressive drinks …

I’m only exaggerating a little. There are technically no children in this celeb roundup (wherefore art thou, Kiernan Shipka?), but Hermès is the undisputed favorite this week. Everyone who wasn’t at the Met Ball was …

Versus Black Leather Safety Pin Shoulder Bag

While we take this week to enjoy the last gasps of the summer, we’re also looking toward fall, and we bet that you are as well. To that end, we did some thinking about what …

If you’ve been trying to find a less-expensive alternative to Chanel’s puffy, quilted Coco Cocoon bags recently, well, you’re in luck. The MZ Wallace Sutton Nylon Satchel may not be made out of natural materials, but it certainly owes a design debt to the famed Parisian label.

For me, the real question is why anyone would want to replicate the look of those particular Chanel bags. They’re lumpy, misshapen and not at all sleek, in addition to being wildly expensive. If you see something in them that I don’t, this satchel is a good way to achieve the look without spending so much money on something that looks like a gym bag. (more…)

Let’s start with the positives on the MZ Walace Bea Shoulder Tote, shall we? Well, first, I love the color. Deep purple-wine colors are always a massive winner with me, and having them on a material that’s not leather allows the bag to have a depth of color that few bags made of any kind of animal skin will ever achieve. Burgundy makes a great substitute for a boring, neutral brown bag and can be worn with just as many things, and the pleating gives the bag a lot of texture that would otherwise be missing with nylon as the main material.

MZ Wallace Bea Shoulder Tote

Now, to the less fortunate aspects. The stamped-croc tan trim looks super cheap juxtaposed with the nylon, and although I don’t think it adds that much to the bag, I’m having a hard time thinking of something that would be better. Maybe a gunmetal leather? It would certainly look more modern. And as always, I take issue with a nylon bag being in the several-hundred-dollar price range. Nylon is, by definition, cheap and plentiful. There’s no need to charge so much for it. Buy through Luna Boston for $385.

I’m going to state that from the get go I am not really sure if this bag is for me. However, I absolutely love the color. The MZ Wallace Bea Shoulder Tote has me thinking about earth tones and luscious caramel. As you have probably noticed, I am constantly on the look out for a functional yet fashionable day to day handbag. I do love exotics and specialty bags as much as the next person, but I seem to think I can never have enough day to day handbags. However, with this one, I am not so sure I would add it to my closet. The color is about the only thing I really like. The patent leather handles against the nylon just doesn’t work. Sure, the size is perfect for day or night time use, but I just don’t see myself carrying it. What about you? Do you think I am missing something here? Buy through Luna Boston for $375.