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I’m going to state that from the get go I am not really sure if this bag is for me. However, I absolutely love the color. The MZ Wallace Bea Shoulder Tote has me thinking about earth tones and luscious caramel. As you have probably noticed, I am constantly on the look out for a functional yet fashionable day to day handbag. I do love exotics and specialty bags as much as the next person, but I seem to think I can never have enough day to day handbags. However, with this one, I am not so sure I would add it to my closet. The color is about the only thing I really like. The patent leather handles against the nylon just doesn’t work. Sure, the size is perfect for day or night time use, but I just don’t see myself carrying it. What about you? Do you think I am missing something here? Buy through Luna Boston for $375.