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It is nothing new from designers to business executives, people love to collaborate. Maybe it all goes back to the saying, “two heads are better than one”? It doesn’t really matter why collaborations happen because I have to say, they always intrigue me – for better or for worse. There are always pairings that excite me while others make me go “hmmmm”. This time, Mulberry has collaborated with FRED (one of East London’s most influential contemporary art galleries) to design a series of artist designed, limited edition tote bags. FRED selected five British artists to reflect Mulberry’s individuality and identity. In the way any amazing collaboration should be conducted, Mulberry designers worked closely with the artists to ensure the vision at hand was captured.

Each tote has a noticeably different design which to me is great because that guarantees there is probably a tote out there for just about anyone! The tote to the right was designed by Kate Davis. At first glance you get a romantic vibe from the tote. I guess red does that, huh? Beyond that, the red rose on top of the black background offers a bit of softness and elegance which drew me in. Davis drew inspiration from a romantic moment she had in Rome and felt the design depicted a sense of pulling away from everyday life and focusing on romance and love. Whether romance driven or not, it is so important to be able to take a step back and simply, enjoy life and love. (more…)


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