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After I first posted about the Mulberry Creased Patent Mitzy Hobo the other day, Megs received an email from Jackie at Mulberry with a link to check out the bag on their website to show that the bag is, indeed, slouchy and wonderful. And as you can see above, it is! The patent does appear to slouch quite nicely, and her assertion that ShopBop overstuffed the bag on their website does indeed seem true (and hobos get awkward-looking quickly when overstuffed). What I see above is a far lovelier bag than I wrote about yesterday, and while I still don’t adore the color, it looks a lot better here than it does in the previous photo, which appeared to have been washed out by the camera flash. So I take back all the mean things I said about how this bag was going to poke everyone in the armpit. Because it’s not.

I’ve also included a shot from their website of the regular leather Mulberry Mitzy Hobo, because I’m in love. It’s gorgeous. The leather looks thick and soft and fantastic, and I love the shape and the slouch. I owned a Mulberry bag a while back, and the leather on that one was awesome, and this one looks even better. I wish more places in Georgia carried the brand because there’s a lot of bags on their site that I have never seen before, and now I really want to scope them out in person. I’ve always been a casual Mulberry fan in the past, but I’m starting to take a more active interest. Buy through ShopBop for $695.

Mulberry Creased Patent Mitzi HoboAt first glance, I was on board with the Mulberry Creased Patent Mitzy Hobo. I like big leather hobos, and I like Mulberry, so I didn’t give the whole thing much of a second thought. But upon further consideration…I can’t get behind this. Patent leather hobos are extremely hard to structure correctly – it’s a shape that is supposed to slouch, by definition, and patent is a material that is much more conducive to creating structure than slouch. So, strike one. Because of the apparent lack of slouch, the handle isn’t long enough. I don’t think it would be comfortable to carry on my shoulder – I’m not a fan of having leather poke me in the arm pit. Strike Two. Then, the color. Oh, the color. Mulberry calls it “Lipstick,” but I certainly don’t have any lipstick in this shade, and I don’t think I would want a bag this color, either. it’s kind of salmon-y and a little too pastel for my taste, which is the same problem I had with the last Mulberry bag I reviewed. Pastels are hard to pull off and tend to make people look either washed-out or sallow, and I think this particular color might have both effects on my skin. So, strike three, it’s out. Buy through Shop Bop for $695.

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