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The Mulberry Bayswater deserves credit where credit is due, it is truly much more of an iconic piece than many give it credit for. The shape and style of the bag has been compared to the Hermes Birkin countless times, and while there are similar aspects they are still very different bags. When I saw my first Ostrich Bayswater bags I fell in love. Ostrich is not a material for everyone. Complaints often revolve around the texture of ostrich skin being a turn off. And that may be the case for you. But some love the added dimension the skin gives their bag.

And if you fall into the category of loving ostrich skin, the Mulberry Ostrich Bayswater may be a bag for you. (more…)

This bag is red. I mean shockingly, bright, bold, in-your-face red. The kind of red that is a bit hard to wear. I am always seeing women that rock true red lipstick and make it look perfectly gorgeous. Let me be honest, I am not one of those women. Red lipstick looks scary on me. It just doesn’t seem to flow. And I am not sure I could pull off a truly red bag. But once Net-A-Porter showed the red Mulberry Bayswater with a summery outfit, it worked perfectly and I thought just for a second, ‘Hey, that could be me’. (more…)

I saw quite a few people in NYC rocking the Mulberry Suede Bayswater bag. And each time I saw it I fell in love with it more. Everyone was carrying the grey version (color officially is sludge). What I did not know is that Mulberry offers four glorious suede colors in their suede croc print Baywater. And the problem for me is that I love them all! (more…)

South Florida is an amazing place to live. The ocean surrounds us and the palm trees are endless. But the Sunshine state is missing my absolute favorite season, fall. Everything about Fall is amazing for me. The leaves turning to warm hues of red, orange and yellow while the air is crisp and cool puts an automatic smile on my face. It is great to live in Florida, but I am in desperate need of fall. Luckily we have a trip to NYC and Ohio planned for next month.

So it is time for fall colors and wardrobes to be brought out of hiding. South Florida is full of bright eye-catching colors all spring and summer, and while they work mostly year around, I still like to bring out my fall bags. I absolutely adore gray in my wardrobe. As I was going through my closet I noticed a lack of gray bags. WHAT? I do not own many gray bags? Actually, unless I have a stash of handbags hiding in my imaginary closet, I am nearly gray-bag-less. And that is oddly shocking to me. (more…)

The Mulberry Bayswater: A long time favorite by many Mulberry fans and a handbag that somehow many times brings up a debate.

Does the Bayswater look like a Hermes Birkin, did it intend to look like a Birkin, why would you buy this if you wanted a Birkin, is this a copy? Every single one of those questions gets picked apart by a handful of people time and time again, but the the Mulberry Bayswater remains a staple piece. (more…)

Mulberry Ostrich Bayswater

This is an entirely late start to our day here at Purse Blog. Amanda was off this week as she is moving, Shannon is getting ready to move to California next week, and I am recovering from surgery. That leaves Vlad and you all know he is not much of a Purse Blog poster (though he does showcase the most amazing handbag photography!). And that is why we are way late today.

I have always had a thing for the Mulberry Bayswater. I did see a ponyhair up close and was disappointed, the body did not hold its shape very well like I imaged the Bayswater would. But leather is completely different from a thinner pony hair body and I crave seeing this bag in person. The tan Mulberry Ostrich Bayswater is offset with a gold-tone signature plaque fastening at the front. This rendition is exclusive to Net-A-Porter and one of those perfectly chic yet not overly feminine bags. It looks strong yet simple. The shape is similar to a Hermes Birkin which is a highly coveted shape. Mulberry bags have a large following and the Bayswater is their most known style. Is this the Bayswater for you? Buy through Net A Porter for $2795.

Mulberry Ostrich Bayswaters

Vlad and I are in NYC for the week, meeting with designers, looking at showrooms, and overeating at the best NYC joints we can find. As we have been walking around the city, I realized how true the black garb stereotype is in NYC sometimes. Granted it is rather grey and a bit cold here, but why so much black? I adore color, adore rich hues, and always want to sport a bit of a splash.

A more neutral color to opt for is blue, and my new obsession are some of the blue-hued Mulberry Ostrich Bayswaters that are exclusive to the brand new US Mulberry website. Are you as in love as I am? The three Ostrich Bayswater purses shown above are in lavender, blue, and violet ostrich leather. All are being sold on the new US website and all are exclusive to the US website. Can I decide on just one color? No. All three are stunners, able to catch attention but could still be perfect for those who like to be a little more neutrally dressed, color wise. Of course these bags will still stand out, but I am trying to compromise with those that love neutrals and blacks.

What else is the new Mulberry US site offering? A yellow ostrich Bayswater and an east-west Bayswater in pink ostrich! The yellow and pink are the colors that will always work in South Florida, so obviously I am drawn to them. The regular Bayswater size in the exclusive colors for the US website cost $3995. So for all of you living in the US, make sure to check out the new US Mulberry website and the exclusive colors on their ostrich Bayswater. Visit Mulberry online.

Have you or have you not had enough of the Mulberry Bayswater Bag? Me? Personally, I love the bag. I continue to hold out buying one, contemplating exactly which version of theirs suits my liking. I am leaning toward a simple leather version, seems to go with most outfits and is not overly gaudy (like the leopard version I covered recently).

The most coveted Bayswater that I have covered; the Purple Ostrich Bayswater Net A Porter carried a while back. Talk about stunner. The bag uses my favorite color, that is perfect with my complexion, hair, and eyes, in an exotic skin on a great bag. (more…)

Mulberry Leopard Bayswater Bag

Some designers find a handbag that they have made a hit and continuously reinvent it with new materials, colors, and patterns. It doesn’t always work, but it most definitely works for some brands. Take the Mulberry Bayswater for example. We have seen it in leather, pink ombre, purple ostrich, and even luscious green alligator. And each and every one of these versions I have loved. In fact, I wonder why I have not taken the jump yet and bought myself a Bayswater, since the sturdy yet somehow feminine design continues to intrigue me time after time.

Now there is a sexy vamped up version, the Mulberry Leopard Bayswater Bag which gives an exotic feel with navy leopard print patent leather. The reason this bag does not look leopard-trashy is due to the deep navy lather with the print, it is a color so deep and sultry but not bright and trashy. The Bayswater bag has double top handles and this version sports silver hardware and brown lining. Now this version is a treat on the Net A Porter UK site £695 (approximately $1,271) but I am quite sure it will show up on the US site soon!

Mulberry Ombre Bayswater Bag
Mulberry Ombre Bayswater Bag

I have been a fan of the Mulberry Bayswater Bag for quite some time. There is something so simple yet appealing about the design. And yes, it is not super feminine. It is practical and rugged at times, but beautiful when combinations like purple ostrich and a bespoke green crocodile carried by Kate Moss. And now there is a new version that has my love, the Mulberry Ombre Bayswater Bag which features a fuchsia ombre leather. This is a stunning change for the Bayswater, a modern edgy appeal to their household staple. The gold lock fastening on the front looks great on the fuchsia leather. There is a flap top closure and adjustable straps around the sides. Sure I loved the ostrich and drooled over the crocodile, but this version has my heart. Buy through Net A Porter for $1395.

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