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Rebecca Minkoff Nylon Morning After Mini I dislike the following things: nylon bags, bicolor or multicolor bags, and pink. Generally speaking, all of those things make not only reticent to buy a bag, but also reticent to admit that I like it. For some reason, however, three negatives make a positive with the Rebecca Minkoff Nylon Morning After Mini. I should turn my nose up at it, based on what I already understand about my own personal taste. But the shade of dark pink (magenta, really) is lovely, it looks great with the always-reliable black, and the nylon doesn’t look cheap, at least in these pictures. Plus, it has a good bit of leather trim, rendering it slightly more luxe than your nylon bag. The more I look at it, the more I wonder if there are any all-leather bags in that magenta color coming out for this season, because it’s growing on me quickly. Who would have thought? Buy through Shop Bop for $375.