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Also, Givenchy bags from yesteryear continue to pop up on famous arms

Also: Kendall Jenner is back with her favorite faux Louis Vuitton

P.S. The hue de jour is pink

Their bags are no worse for the wear

Yes, Millennial Pink. Don’t worry, all will be explained.

Check out your faves with flashy styles from Miu Miu, Prada, & Dior

They also stuck to a very strict color scheme of black, white or pink

Not to mention their sunglasses game, which was on point this week

Last week, we took our high-end tastes to this trendy SoHo spot and were very pleasantly surprised

Celebs are showcasing an enthralling mix of new designer options this month, and the bag-spotting has been particularly good for several weeks now. This week (with a few exceptions), celebs are carrying casual, everyday bags …

Miu Miu Mega Bag

There was a time when everyone had to own–or at the very least, they lusted after–some piece of the Miu Miu Matelessé line. I wasn’t immune to it; I loved the dimensionality the quilting technique …

Celebs are stepping up their bag games on both coasts during New York Fashion Week, and the results are surprisingly geometrical. And in addition to the usual suspects like Louis Vuitton and Givenchy, we have …