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Nothing irks me more than a little bag with a big bag’s price tag, which means that I almost always get excited to see one of Gorjana’s new bags show up in the New Arrivals section on ShopBop. The brand does a good job of keeping its prices reasonable, particularly when it comes to minibags and small crossbodies. The price tags are almost always equally diminutive. At just below $200, the Gorjana Madison Small Crossbody keeps the tradition of reasonableness alive. (more…)

When we first discussed the Marc by Marc Jacobs Bianca line a couple of weeks ago, you all unanimously agreed that the design was too Plain Jane to be worthy of a designer nameplate. I was ready to wholly dismiss the line, but something about the Marc by Marc Jacobs Bianca Jane on a Chain Messenger Clutch makes me think there’s something to salvage yet.

British racing green is an under-appreciated fashion color, particularly when it comes to finish a look with clear vintage references. Where the Bianca lines and hardware looked dowdy and boring on a tan top-handle, the deep green minibag version looks like an excellent alternative to a Celine Classic Box Bag for girls on budgets that don’t allow for a $4000 bag. (more…)

Every band that goes for the gusto when it comes to sequins makes a misstep here and there; the line between chic and tacky is so precarious when it comes to a material as shiny and in-your-face as sequins, and the statistical probability of an occasional screw-up is high when you make as many paillette-covered bags as Coach does. Luckily for all of us, the Coach Poppy Sequin Mini Field Bag isn’t a mistake at all. (more…)

I always have such high hopes for See by Chloe’s bags, but season after season, they continue to leave me wanting something a little different. Or, in the case of the See by Chloe Poya Mini Bag, a lot different.

This little purse certainly would be better in black and probably would be better in almost any color other than the ones before us, but alas, this is what we have to evaluate. For $300, you can do a lot better. (more…)

As far as handbags go, “Chanel alternatives” probably deserve their own category on most large retailers. The French brand’s iconic quilted leather and chain handles have graced designs in one form or another from almost every brand that I can think of, and contemporary brands in particular enjoy taking liberties with the traditional style.

The Tory Burch Classic Washed Leather Mini Bag is one of the best variations that I’ve seen lately. The combination of dark hardware and a minibag shape give this purse a modern edge, which is perfect for Burch’s very fair price point. (more…)

We’ve talked a lot about party bags lately, but the best bet for a party bag is always to find one that you can use for a variety of festivities, not just New Year’s Eve and the odd cocktail party that you may or may not attend a couple times per year. In those instances, it’s better to go with metallic leather than for something silk or covered in beading or crystals because not only will the clutch be more useful for a wider variety of events, but it will also be more durable.

Enter the Elie Tahari Avery Shoulder Bag. I’ve been a big cheerleader for Tahari’s accessory line since its inception, and this cute little bag is yet another piece that makes me glad that the company started making bags. (more…)

Neon is one of those trends that can strike fear into the hearts of even the most creative of bag lovers. What are we supposed to do with neon? Is wearing it just going to make us look like trend-worshippers, or is it a legitimately fun thing to have around? Don’t worry, incorporating it into a wardrobe is easier than you think, and I promise that wearing or carrying a bit of neon will bring a smile to your face.

If you’d like to keep things on a very neutral level, allow me to suggest the Marc by Marc Jacobs Saddlery Cadet Bag. The taupe lulls onlookers into a false sense of security – oh, what a cute beige bag – but as soon as you turn a little bit, they get a peek at the acid green piping along the leather’s edges. (more…)

As I’ve said repeatedly in this space and others, I do not wear real fur. That’s a personal choice for me, and I’m not going to lecture anyone on why they should make the same decision. I merely wish that more designers would consider using faux fur instead of the real thing, particularly when they just need a little bit and warmth is not an issue. The Olivia Harris Fur Baby Ball Bag would have been a perfect opportunity to use high-quality faux.

Joy Gryson, the designer behind the line, chose to use rabbit instead, which means that I can’t buy this particular bag. And that’s too bad – if it had been faux, I would have certainly considered it. Most fur bags look shapeless and puffy, but this one uses its small scale to its advantage and ends up being pretty cute. (more…)

For certain occasions, you need a bag that can hold your entire life: work, school, a rainy day in need of a significant umbrella. Other times, you just need the basics, and having a larger bag would be overkill. For those times, allow me to suggest the Marc by Marc Jacobs Party Foret Chain Wallet.

The word “wallet” is a bit misleading – in addition to your cards and cash, this little bag is big enough to hold all of your essentials on a convenient cross-body strap. (more…)

I had a bit of a conniption over Coach’s heavy-handed use of gold sequins a few months ago, but now my eyes have been opened and all has been forgiven. On the department store shelves where that awful bag once sat, we now have surprisingly beautiful blue concoctions like the Coach Poppy Sequin Disco Bag. (more…)

Does anyone else remember the Marc Jacobs Baby Stam? It’s was a small, shoulder-carried version of Jacobs’ iconic Stam satchel, made up of a quilted kisslock pouch and the Stam’s signature giant gold chain as a shoulder strap. I always wanted one as a companion piece to my larger black Stam, and I never managed to get my hands on one at a decent price.

If you also took a shine to the Baby Stam and wish that you had one somewhere in your closet, consider the Rebecca Minkoff Kiss Bag. The feel is very similar, but the price is far more palatable than a Baby Stam in the bag’s heyday. (more…)

Unless you live and party in the most fashion-forward part of a very fashionable city, it’s likely that you see a lot of very similar outfits when you go out at night. Heavy reliance on little black dresses and little black clutches is a rut into which we all fall from time to time, particularly in the awkward season-changing parts of the year when we’re sick of all of our warm-weather clothes but cold-weather dressing hasn’t quite arrived yet. But don’t forget, ladies, you have options. (more…)