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We got quite a response the last time that I wrote about the Gorjana Hudson Quilted Crossbody Bag, and several posters were disappointed that it sold out soon after our review went up. Well, we thought that we’d let you know that ShopBop has restocked the little charmer, and it’s still at the totally reasonable price that got everyone so excited. Buy through ShopBop for $198.

Not too long ago, I wrote a post about how much I don’t like colored python bags. I was really certain that that’s how I felt, and I didn’t think twice about it. Well, because that’s just how I am, I seem to have managed to prove myself wrong. I really, really like the Lauren Merkin Tess Painted Minibag.

I’ve seen other multicolored python bags that I liked since then as well – it was like as soon as I put that sentiment out into the world, the universe set its sights on proving that I’m an idiot. Normally, I would feel a little weird about that, but if it means that I keep seeing cute bags then I wouldn’t change things for the world. (more…)

I’ll be honest with you: first and foremost, I chose to write about the Tory Burch Amanda Mini Bag because I share a name with it. I tend to always dislike things that are also “Amanda,” but I quite like this one, and when you’re charged with finding eight handbags per day to write about, well, that’s reason enough.

But upon further examination, my favorite part isn’t that the bag and I have the same name – it’s that instead of the usual gold hardware, Tory Burch chose to use a beautiful dark silver tone. (more…)

Alright folks, if you don’t know this by now, I have to fill you in on a little secret, and if you do know, sorry for the repetition. I am obsessed with the Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo. I could go on and on about said obsession for the show as well as so many others on Bravo, but I will spare you. I record all of the Rachel Zoe Project episodes and watch them over and over again. Recently Rachel was talking about her love for all things metallic and I have to say I am totally with her on that, as long as it is done right. (more…)

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