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Judith Leiber Strawberry Pillbox

It is not that I am a superfluous spender, though at times I may be. The fact of the matter is I have always had an affinity toward miniatures. Truly, not sure why, but it is a fact. So the Minaudiere’s from Judith Leiber have always been a favorite of mine. I pop on her website or into the department store to see what itsy-bitsy pillbox will show next. Believe it or not I do not have a collection of them yet, which is shocking. Not a very usable piece, and let’s be honest it is not even a practical pillbox, but I love the Judith Leiber Strawberry Pillbox. There is no use other than looking at this Leiber piece as art, a collectible. And I would love a little collection of pillbox collectibles. Is that totally weird or does it seem fitting? Some people buy Lladro’s and I want Judith Leiber pillboxes, running around $600 a pop. Buy through Neiman Marcus for $595.

R & Y Augousti Shagreen Minaudiere
R & Y Augousti Shagreen Minaudiere

R & Y Augousti is known for their furniture and decorative objects. The brand brings a eclectic touch to its line and now includes handbags and purses in exotic skins and natural materials. The furniture is quite appealing and can work in many different styles of homes, adding that funky touch to the contemporary room. But what are your thoughts on this handbag? The R & Y Augousti Minaudiere is a modern take on an evening bag, featuring a bronze body with red shagreen and an ostrich leg center inlay. The interior is lined in velvet and the clutch measures 8.25″ x 3.5″. With such an artistic feel, I expected this clutch to cost at least $1,000 more than it does. Sure it is a bag deal, but is it a fun piece you care to have? How do you feel about this whimsical piece? Buy through Barneys for $295.

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