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How do you guys feel about multicolored python? I haven’t seen it enough to call it a “trend” with any accuracy, but bags made out of such fabrics have appeared from several designers over the past few seasons, and I’m still not sure exactly how much I like it. Or maybe, how much I dislike it. My feelings aren’t entirely positive.

Of the bags that use this technique, however, the Michele Lily Python-Embossed Clutch isn’t so bad. I could even imagine a few situations in which it might go with an outfit rather nicely. (more…)

As Amanda has brought up a few times, Michele is a brand known for their watches, not for their handbags. And sadly, it seems that this fact hasn’t changed, despite producing some pretty nicely constructed handbags. And so far, they’ve done a great job of making brown bags likable- namely, neither icky nor boring.

Recently we covered the Michele Kylie Hobo, and today I’m introducing the Michele Colette Top Zip Shoulder Bag. Now, there are two reasons why I immediately zeroed in on this handbag. First of all, the combination of semi-shiny dark leather and bright gold hardware is difficult to pull off, but when it works, it reminds me of awesome steampunk-y brassy machines and embellished doctor bags. (more…)

The brand is known much better for their watches than their handbags, but I can’t help but be taken in by the thick leather and chunky details of the Michele Inez Leather Hobo. The leather’s texture gives it a biker-y, rough-and-tumble feel and that I’m drawn to over and over again. (more…)

It appears as though Michele, a brand famous for watches, has begun to branch out a bit. I’m not sure exactly when this started – I remember seeing one of their bags about six months ago but haven’t seen anything since. Until today, that is, when I stumbled up on the Michele Collins Flap Leather Shoulder Bag. And although it’s not my color, it does have several things going for it. What are those, you ask? Well I’m about to tell you (and yes, I’m feeling a bit writer’s-block-y today, why do you ask?)

Michele Collins Flap Leather Shoulder Bag

Although it wouldn’t surprise me if I was largely alone in this sentiment, I quite like the bag’s shape. I’ve always been a fan of hobos that take on a decidedly east-west proportion, and this one does it with a lot of outward style. Not only is the flap oversized, but the bag underneath mirrors its shape (and is fashioned of the same soft-looking, chocolate-colored leather). The strap’s size makes it look like it would fit snugly on the arm without slipping off, and the overall effect is tailored enough for the office but slouchy enough for the weekend. The price isn’t bad for such a versatile bag, either. Buy through Saks for $495.

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