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mk-braided-shoulder-tote Today, since Fashion Week has messed with my normal posting schedule, I got a rare chance to go to the mall and actually see handbags in their native habitat. I’m going to be reviewing some of those bags for you guys this week while I cover the events in the tents for Purse Blog, and our first example is the MICHAEL Michael Kors Braided Shoulder Tote. I’ve liked some MICHAEL Michael Kors bags over the years, but mostly I’ve thought that the brand wasn’t giving it their best effort and often missing the mark. Well, surprise surprise. I saw this particular bag in several stores and in several colors, and I was rather pleased with both it and the other bags in the collection. The leather is very smooth but still soft, and the braided rope looped through the eyes makes it more interesting than the average black tote while still being fairly sophisticated. MK may be finally getting this whole handbag thing right. Buy through eLuxury for $498.