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We all have styles we don’t normally like. It could be the color, the shape, the material, the brand, or really for no reason at all, but we just don’t like them. That is how I normally feel about this kind of bag. Usually, I’m not one who is drawn towards metallics. However, I actually kind of like the Michael Kors Newbury Large Drawstring Satchel. As Goldey-locks might say, the metallic snakeskin-embossed leather seems to be “just right”. It’s not too shiny, but it’s not boring. I like the leather straps, stud detailing and leather drawstring ties. Plus, there is a magnetic tab closure which reassures me that my stuff *should* stay in the bag and not accidentally fall out of it. And actually, the inside of the bag has some noteworthy details too. I hope you like pockets because there is a leather-trimmed zip pocket, patch pocket and cell phone pocket. And a feature I rarely use, but always like, there is a leather strap with key clasp. Maybe one day I’ll use it, but I feel like there are plenty of times where I grab my keys in a hurry. During these instances, I frankly can’t be bothered unlatching them. I think overall, this is a bag I could definitely carry around. Perhaps it has a bit of a “bad girl” vibe going which I always love. Buy through eLUXURY for $428.