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There is something about a simple, classic, understated yet fabulous handbag. The Michael Kors Sutton Patent Clutch definitely captures this look. Yes, I know, it is a white clutch and it is way past labor day, but it is none-the-less amazing. The white patent leather is clean and gorgeous while the gold-tone buckle is eye-popping. Another plus would have to be the small pouch on the inside and gold contrasting lining. You know I am always a little hesitant to buy white handbags in fear that I will just get them dirty in no time, but this is a white clutch I’d be willing to give a try. Back to the white rule. We all know that although white after labor day is usually a big no-no, there are plenty of shades of white worn throughout the winter months. What are the chances you could be interested in pulling off this clutch post-labor day? If so, buy through Net-a-Porter for $595.