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It’s been a while since we’ve put up a Want It Wednesday post, and it’s also been a while since I’ve really wanted a Michael Kors bag. Don’t get me wrong, Kors’ bags are highly …

Even though celebrities have a ton of money and are gifted items left and right, it is refreshing when they find a bag that they truly adore and carry it on multiple occasions. It makes …

I’m continually surprised by the huge number of Michael Kors bags that I see women carrying in every city that I visit. One of the most recognizable bags from the line is the Michael Kors Hamilton, which has been issued in nearly countless colors, sized and materials. The version above may be the most exciting, though; like other designers, MK is always giving back and after the tragic earthquake in Japan, Michael decided to help.

MK debuted a limited edition Hamilton handbag in support of the Great East Japan Earthquake relief effort during Fashion’s Night out in Tokyo and to follow its success, the U.S. will launch this bag for a 24 hour period starting tomorrow, Monday January 22nd. The bag will be available only through a link from the Michael Kors facebook page and in select Michael Kors retail stores. (more…)

Take a look at this bag and guess how much you think it costs before you click to find out the answer. Click to find out!

Did you wear a little green for St. Paddy’s day today? This is one of the holidays that I think everyone likes to partake in. I mean really, who doesn’t like to drink a lot of green beer and tell random strangers to kiss them since they are “Irish”?

Instead of the green sweater I wore today, I would have liked to wear this gorgeous Michael Kors Pleated Crepe Maxi Skirt and with it I would have paired the Michael Kors Buckled Leather Shoulder Bag. (more…)

We already saw this bag covered by Amanda, who really loved it. And now I found it in grey and I adore it. I have an admiration of grey handbags and this Michael Kors bag does not disappoint.

All I need is to see the bag in person and touch the leather. Then I will know if I am totally sold on it. Because the price is amazing, under $800 for a calfskin bag with karung pulls. The leather is treated with a pearlized effect which gives a nice sheen to the bag. The other aspect that catches your eye is the multiple strands that twist into the shoulder strap. This gives a modern touch to an otherwise simple bag. (more…)

Michael Kors Zip Patent Clutch

Classic, sleek, and chic. Those are all words I would use to describe this handbag. The Michael Kors Zip Patent Clutch could be one addition to your collection you would get loads of use out of. I love when I find clutches that have an element of distinction, yet at the same time I also love when some designs get back to the basics. This clutch certainly is classic but the zip detail through the middle definitely adds an edgy twist. I wasn’t sure how I felt about that, but it is kind of growing on me. The only thing to watch out for – I would suggest carrying a newspaper and this clutch at the same time – beware of smudgy fingerprints! Other than that, I’m liking what I see. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $495.

When it comes to holiday dinners with the family does your family dress up or keep in casual? Our family tends to keep it casual and pretty laid back. With our extended family strewn across the country, Christmas dinner is limited to our immediate family; so, I can see how we remain pretty casual. However, I’ve always kind of wanted one of those dinners where the entire family heads over to grandma’s house for a holiday meal. If I were to attend a dinner like that I would have to carry along a nice handbag. The Michael Kors Woven Raffia Clutch might work. The red woven raffia clutch with gold frame has a clasp fastening on top and gold leather lining. I like how this clutch could work in a festive atmosphere as well as throughout the year. I can’t quite decide if I think the clutch looks too textured or not, but it does look like it could be fun to carry around. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $350.

Michael Kors Big Bow Clutch

Bows on bags are quite the trend right now. I have never been a huge bow girl. Actually, I was never much of a girly girl. Grade school was not filled with pink skirts and ruffles, rather tee-shirts and sports. I have transitioned over the years, and now find myself quite drawn toward all things feminine; bows, pinks, heels, lipstick. So there was a transformation. But you won’t catch me leaving the house in a dress everyday and you won’t catch me in heels most of the time either. I am a jeans and sandals kind of girl. But there is a way to infuse feminine touches without going overboard, and one of these ways is through your accessories.

So that brings me back to the bows on bags trend. Some designers perform this feat immaculately, while others make a hot bow mess. Purse Blog Savvy covered a Kooba Bow Clutch this week, which seems to be perfect for the bar scene or the younger crowd. But if you want a more sophisticated look, with a still reasonable price, the Michael Kors Big Bow Clutch in iris satin with a large fringe edge bow on the front is a perfect option. There are a few reasons I adore this clutch. First, it is the perfect color on the material. Another main reason I love this clutch is that it is lined with leather, which will bring in a sturdy body and shape. The bow is done perfectly as well. Not too ostentatious, rather the perfect bow, that grabs your attention but does not distract. Overall, this is a bow DO for me! Buy through Net A Porter for $395.

You know what has been most fun for me while working on Purse Blog Savvy? Trying to find great bag at incredibly low prices. And while the prices are not low to the un-handbag lovers out there, they are quite low compared to what we typically post on Purse Blog.

Michael Kors, like many other designers (Marc Jacobs), has a more affordable line under his main Michael Kors line. The MICHAEL by Michael Kors line offers more entry level prices on designer goods. Many times the designs seem to gear toward the 20 year old crowd (perfect for me), but either way it is still a designer good. One of my favorite aspects of the ‘more affordable’ lines sent out by designers is that many times you can nab a high end look for much less.

The MICHAEL Michael Kors Wild Venus Large Saratoga Shoulder Bag is one of the savvy bags that really excites me. Here is exactly what I love about this bag: smooth vanilla grained leather, brushed gold metal hardware, elegant look, perfect price. Seriously, this is the kind of bag that just works. The inside has woven canvas lining, and for under $400 I would not expect suede. Dimensions are not tiny, 12″ (at base)x 12″x 7″. This is a homerun for Michael Kors! Buy through eLuxury for $348.

I’ve recently found myself wondering how much more attention Michael Kors and his line have received since the inception of Project Runway. We all know what a huge following Project Runway has. Then, when you think about it, every time Heidi Klum introduces the judges, including Kors, those watching must take note. Even if you aren’t fashion forward, I would assume you would be instantly more interested in Kors and his line. When I saw the Michael Kors Rehearsal Drawstring Bag, I instantly thought this bag was a hit.

The slightly textured leather is an unstructured bag with drawstring detailing at each side. I love the use of a magnetic snap closure plus an interior zip, wall and cell phone pockets. With an unstructured bag like this, I find adding feet, which this bag has is a huge help. The double handles make it easily carried on your shoulder or in your hand. But more than anything else, it simply looks classy and fun. I can see this bag appealing to a wide range of handbag lovers. And the color – how rich does it look? No wonder the color is called “coffee” – deep, dark and delish!!! I truly like this bag, but my original question still looms – how much more popular do YOU think Michael Kors is now that we are in our fifth season of Project Runway? Either way, you can buy this handbag through Nordstrom for $1,595.00.

A few months ago Vlad and I found ourselves viewing the Michael Kors showroom. We have tons of pictures, that we really need to show you all. It was like a little slice of heaven. The showroom was a maze of room after room of runway clothing, handbags, shoes, and resort wear. It was like a never-ending joy ride.

One of the handbags that stuck out in my mind was Michael Kors Python Hinge Clutch, which immediately caught my attention as its metallic exotic python skin gleamed and the finished product was a perfect statement piece. The clutch is a foldover style with two side hinges that help open and close. I saw this bag in white, but the gold really stands out and will be able to add a nice touch to your outfit. This is one of those clutches that I imagined myself wearing from the moment I saw it, pairing it with dark jeans, a black top, and heels. The gold will give my outfit the perfect pop, the perfect stand-out accessory. At the time, I was considering it, but now it is hard to skip out on it. The clutch is marked down substantially and I am drooling! This is a GREAT deal!! Marked down from $995 to $398 via Vivre.