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Felix Rey Greta Bow Clutch

Can you tell that my thoughts have already turned to the holidays? It’s not that it’s feeling particularly wintery here yet (thanks for the monsoon winds and rain yesterday, Hurricane Ida), but at night, even in the Deep South, there’s still that bit of crispness to the air, isn’t there? Even in early November, in a part of the country that never gets all that cold anyway.

And with the holiday season comes the necessity for sparkly, festive outfits and bags that are equally so. But do you go with silver or gold? What if you need a bag to wear with several different outfits that feature different metallics? The Felix Rey Greta Bow Clutch has you covered. (more…)

Sometimes, less is more. In a lot of situations, you don’t need every receipt, after-dinner mint, and wholesale club card that you’ve ever accumulated in your handbag with you. Actually, I’d venture to guess that you don’t need those things on most days, but if you’re like me, they’re what dwell in your bag and wallet anyway.

If you’re looking for a slimmer option to stylishly streamline what you carry, consider the Glam Noir Studded Card Holder. (more…)

One of the earliest handbag memories I have as a kid was finding a little gold clutch in the back of my mom’s closet. It was made of the same type of metal mesh as the Felix Rey Love Clutch, and I remember thinking that it was so incredibly cool. It was bright gold and seemed sort of 70s disco-glam, even to a kid that wasn’t really aware of those kinds of references at that point. But the best part was how it felt to the touch – kind of slippery and weird, like nothing I had ever felt before. For something that moved around so much, I was amazed that it didn’t fall off.

Felix Rey Love Clutch

Well obviously I understand the material better now, but I still absolutely love it. It’s glam in such an obvious, fun way that I can’t help but smile every time I see a clutch made of this material, and even more so with this clutch. Sure, it’s a little kitschy and looks like a novelty bag, but it’s got a heart on the front and a big smiley face on the front, and it’s just irreverent enough to be a hipster favorite. I kind of love it, despite myself. Buyt through ShopBop for $120.

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