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Marc by Marc Jacobs Picnic Flat HoboThose of you that have read a lot of my posts probably know what I usually like – oversized, simple hobo bags made out of nice leather with limited exterior adornment or hardware. It’s a simple formula for a functional, stylish bag and is great for showcasing high quaity materials in all their natural glory. Another thing I really like is the Marc by Marc Jacobs line – the bags are usually simple, youthful, and affordable. Taking both of those things into account, I should probably really like the Marc by Marc Jacobs Picnic Flat Hobo, right? Wrong. Something about this one is throwing me off. Well, maybe several somethings. First, and perhaps this is just the pictures, but the leather looks uncharacteristically thin for this brand, and the glazing does not help. Second, the rounding at the bottom looks awkward to me and makes it oddly reminiscent of an egg, or maybe an egg wearing a diaper. Third, that extra strap. I’ve said a lot about extra cross-body straps on this blog, so for this one I will only say this: at least you can remove it. Buy through Shop Bop for $428.