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Yesterday we posted a What’s in her Bag feature with one of my personal favorite singers, Colbie Caillat. Before Vlad and I met the talented and supremely gorgeous Caillat, I did a bit of research on our featured lady. Turns out Colbie tries to stay away from leather products and is an animal rights activist.

Upon reading that, I remember feeling slightly panicked. If you read our site you know the vast majority of the arm candy we post is made from one kind of animal product or another. I not only needed to change up my questions for Colbie a bit but also felt the urge to see what vegan options are out there in the handbag world. And that is where I began to appreciate the brand Matt & Nat in a major way. (more…)

Normally I shy away from any trends that can be construed as “boho” or “hippie,” which means that my acquiescence to the tie-dye bag trend has been slow and gradual. The Matt & Nat Hendrix Bag just might put me over the top, though.

I think that what makes me appreciate this bag over others like it is that it’s black-based. Most boho trend pieces tend to be very heavy on the brown, which is a color that doesn’t really work with my personal aesthetic (not to mention my hair color). Black, however, is completely within my comfort zone. (more…)

Matt & Nat is another handbag company that has come a long way. When I was first introduced to Matt & Nat bags I have to say, the jury was out. Sure, there were elements of the bags that I liked, but they also seemed a bit boring to me. Ladies and gents, that is no longer the case.

Recent bags from this design team have really impressed me. The Matt & Nat Yacht Studded Bag is rather fabulous, don’t you think? (more…)

I like to throw a bone to my girls that don’t like animal products every now and then, and more and more, that bone is coming from Matt & Nat‘s handbag line. With a full range of bags that are all free from animal products, it gives shoppers with ethical concerns about leather an option that had long been missing.

That said, with handbags as adorable and on-trend as the Matt & Nat Commix Studded Mini Bag, you don’t have to have any negative thoughts about leather at all to appreciate what the brand has going on. (more…)

I can’t tell you for sure whether or not female alt-hip-hop artist Santigold (who spelled her name Santogold as recently as last year) had a hand in the making of this bag or if it’s even named after her, but if either of those things is true, then bravo to the Matt & Nat Santogold Bag.

I haven’t heard all that much of her work, but I do know that she’s a solo female artist doing her own thing, which is incredibly difficult in the male-dominated music industry where female solo artists are expected to look, act and sound a certain way in order to be viable artists. And not only does Santigold march to the beat of her own drummer stylistically, so does Matt & Nat. (more…)

Matt & NatYou know, I’ve become spoiled. Vlad takes such amazing pictures when he works on Shutterbags that I’ve turned into an image snob. Well, I don’t want to say I am too snobby, but sometimes I look at these stock images that huge retail stores offer and I feel a bit sad. Some of these images just don’t do the bag the justice that it deserves. Case in point, this Matt & Nat Hendrix Zipper Crossbody Bag.

I actually had the chance to see this bag in person when I stopped into a Bloomie’s the other day and it looks so much better in person than in these pictures. So, if you are ready to dismiss it, I’d say, don’t do that… not quite yet. (more…)

Again this fall we are seeing shades of deep blue in beauty trends. Indigo eyeshadow, Navy mascara, and a rerun from 2008, Midnight blue nail color. The most luxurious shades of midnight-blue nail color are Chanel Blue Satin nail color and Dior Poison Blue. To coordinate with my blue-black nail color a blue-hued handbag is in order. I am loving all of the blue handbag options this season it will pair perfectly with black, my go-to color for this season’s dresses and coats. Some how this darker shade is a refreshing change and putting me in the mood to dress and accessorize for cooler autumn weather. (more…)

Matt & Nat Camden Hobo

Despite the fact that I live in the somewhat-rural South, the town that I actually live in actually has a ton of hippie-stink on it. Almost all local restaurants have the vegetarian and vegan options marked on their menus, and we’re home to one of the most famous vegetarian restaurants in the country, The Grit. Because of the large number of eco-conscious and and anti-meat people here, I found out about Matt & Nat handbags years ago, more or less as soon as I moved here, and it’s been nice to see them gain more and more attention from high-end retailers.

Which is exactly the reason that I can bring you the Matt & Nat Camden Hobo today. Although the bag is not made of leather or any kind of animal product, you wouldn’t immediately guess that of many of the brand’s bags in person. They’re carefully finished and well-executed, and although some say they don’t last as long as high-end leather bags, they also don’t cost as much. I love the pink color on this hobo and I think it’d be a great bag for days when it rains or you’re scared that whatever activity you’re doing would mess up something more expensive. This particular brand is fighting the good fight, and supporting them is a purchase you just might feel all warm and fuzzy about. Buy through Bloomingdale’s for $275.

Matt & Nat Takumi Handheld Horizontal SatchelA few months back I was introduced to Matt & Nat handbags. Pretty much ever since then, I’ve been a fan. You know, one of those fans who is excited to see what is going to be put out there next, while at the same time a little skeptical since I don’t know the brand that well. The Matt & Nat Takumi Handheld Horizontal Satchel continues to make me interested in Matt & Nat – in a good way. The magenta rice paper hugs the shape of this handbag and continues to draw the eye. One of the things I love about this handbag, and in fact most Matt & Nat bags is the fact that they are different. The look of the bag isn’t one you see everyday and if anyone asks, you are able to tell them about the eco-friendly bag you are toting around. I am a fan of the short rolled handles which make it an easy bag to pick up and take on the go. Buy through Nordstrom for $245.

I have read a few of mentions of Matt & Nat handbags through the Purse Forum. I actually began to look into this designer a couple months back and I have to say my jaw instantly dropped – in a good way. Matt & Nat are vegan handbags. Can you believe it? The Matt & Nat Japanese Paper Sade Clutch might just be the first vegan purse I call my own. The magenta clutch also has magenta nylon lining, tone on tone stitching and antique silver and black nickel hardware. Open the fold-over zipper closure and you will find plenty of pockets to store anything you carry in your clutch. And you know, the more I think about it, the more I would be absolutely thrilled to tell anyone who asks about my clutch that it is in fact made of vegan leather. I’m not going to go and give up on my fabulous leather handbags anytime soon, but how can you not at least stop and think twice about vegan handbags? Buy this clutch for $150 or peruse other handbags through Stefanibags.