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Matt & NatYou know, I’ve become spoiled. Vlad takes such amazing pictures when he works on Shutterbags that I’ve turned into an image snob. Well, I don’t want to say I am too snobby, but sometimes I look at these stock images that huge retail stores offer and I feel a bit sad. Some of these images just don’t do the bag the justice that it deserves. Case in point, this Matt & Nat Hendrix Zipper Crossbody Bag.

I actually had the chance to see this bag in person when I stopped into a Bloomie’s the other day and it looks so much better in person than in these pictures. So, if you are ready to dismiss it, I’d say, don’t do that… not quite yet. (more…)

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Last week we brought you the information that Hermes would have its own farm to breed crocodiles in Australia. PETA did not like that and neither did many of you. It only seems fitting that today we feature a socially responsible vegan line. (more…)

I’m not the kind of gal who grabs a clutch during the daytime. I am not sure if it has just become a habit or if there is a deeper meaning behind it all. Even when I am running to the grocery store I opt for a hobo or a tote. It’s not like I need to carry all sorts of stuff with me, but I do. Then, as soon as the sun goes down, I love reaching for one of my fabulous clutches. Just last week I was reminded of this conundrum of mine. While I was picking up food to make for dinner, I saw a woman carrying an oversized clutch. Not only did it look practical, but also beyond fashionable!

Matt and Nat Kala Pool Oversized Clutch

So, yes, this got me thinking, it is time to change up my thought process and see what it would be like to carry a clutch during the day. Of course it couldn’t be some glitzy clutch, but there are plenty of options out there. Take the Matt & Nat Kala Pool Oversized Clutch for example. This would be a perfect option for my transition. Blue crinkled synthetic material with brasstone hardware comes together rather nicely. Actually, I really like the studded strap across the center. It is just the right amount of detail that turns this bag from something average to something clutch worthy. I’m also a fan of the several pocket options this clutch boasts. And one more thing, the price is up just about anyone’s alley! Buy through Bluefly for $129.