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Mary Norton Jones Clutch

There’s something very Old Hollywood about the Mary Norton Jones Clutch, isn’t there? I’m not sure if it’s the swoop of the top flap or the construction of the attached flower, but it’s reading retro to me in a very good way. I think the way that the photograph was taken is making the bag look cheaper than it would in person, so I’m going to ignore the shininess for now. It seems like it would have more of a subtle sparkle than an all-over gleam in natural light, and that would be gorgeous. I’m having one problem, though – I can’t figure out what era it’s from. Part of me says, “1920s. Definitely 1920s.” And another part of me says, “No, 1950s, you dolt.” Either way, those are my two favorite periods of American fashion, and this clutch would do either justice. It’s got the right amount of glitter, a super cute adornment that is pretty unique in the current clutch market, and it looks big enough to hold all the night-out essentials. Buy through Saks for $895.

Mary Norton Mollie Orchid ClutchI know we said we were done with our special Valentine’s Day features and I know Valentine’s Day is over. However, we have a couple more awesome mini-interviews to share with you. Today we bring you the uber glamorous Mary Norton!

Valentine’s Day: Hallmark Holiday or Real deal? In my opinion, any time that makes us stop and take a moment to thank and appreciate those who bring us love and joy in our lives is a worthy event. Therefore whether Valentine’s Day has it’s origins from a saint or from a retailer is meaningless to me. What matters is that it reminds me take one day a year to shower with appreciation and love those who give me their love the other 364 days of the year.

What gift would you love for Valentine’s Day this year? If I could have a Valentine’s wish, I would ask for a little cash windfall to take my husband and kids on a fun family vacation.

Although the 12 Day of Handbag Giveaway is starting to wind down, there are still some gorgeous handbags up for grabs. Today, Purse Blog and Luxaholics bring you an absolutely breathtaking clutch by Mary Norton. Mary Norton is known for her sophisticated, fierce and beautiful handbags. This clutch is unbelievable (make sure to click on the image to see a larger view). The gold clutch is accented with crystals and is the kind of clutch every woman deserves to bring out when she wants to feel special. You know the kind of days I am talking about. You put on a killer outfit, a stunning pair of shoes and all you need is a great handbag to top off the outfit. This is that kind of handbag.

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