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What is it with all these designers choosing colors that are not purple and calling them purple? Chloe did it with the Ethel. Mulberry did it with the Shimmy Tote. Why, oh why do these brands think that “purple” is an arbitrary concept that can be applied to things that are obviously not purple in any objective way? Purple is not pink, purple is not navy blue, and purple is not grey, no matter what the Martine Sitbon Large Tote wants you to believe.

Martine Sitbon Large Tote

I have a bag this color from another brand that’s a few seasons old, and I can say with full confidence that this is described best as elephant grey. Which is great, because I dislike light purple, but I loooooove grey bags. And this bag looks like a great option. In a simple tote like this, the leather is the most important thing, and this leather looks thick, soft, and lovely. I’d be very interested to see the texture in person; combined with the seaming, it creates just enough visual interest for the bag. It also comes with a long messenger strap, if that’s your thing. Buy through ShopBop for $494.