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Marc by Marc Jacobs Strippy Zippy HoboWow. Now this is a handbag I like. I find myself wanting to like all things Marc Jacobs puts out there, but the reality is, I don’t. There are certain handbags that are simply complete misses. However, if I knew Mr. Jacobs, I would call him and thank him for this fun, sporty and catchy handbag. The first thing I noticed about the Marc by Marc Jacobs Strippy Zippy Hobo would have to be the color. Although the image looks like the color is something like coral, the bag is actually bright red. The rich leather boasts plenty of pockets for easy storage as well as multiple zippers for something extra. A shoulder strap with an 11″ drop offers all sorts of options for you to be able to tote it around. Open up the handbag and you will be pleasantly surprised with a fun cotton lining print. I am a huge fan of the chic and sporty vibe I get from this handbag. Buy through Saks for $458.