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Marc by Marc Jacobs Puckered Linda Clutch

There is one very, very important thing that you need to know about the Marc by Marc Jacobs Puckered Linda Clutch that you can’t tell merely from viewing it online – the leather is wonderfully, hopelessly, ridiculously soft and supple. I’m a big fan of Marc by Marc Jacobs bags in general, of course, but I have yet to encounter one with leather as amazing as this brand-new line. It’s got the same kind of texture as lambskin; ultra-matte and almost suede-like in its softness. None of the sites that currently carry the line will tell me what kind of leather it is, but for the reasonable price of $258, I doubt it actually IS lambskin. But that is probably why I love the brand so much – they give you great materials in their leather bags without charging exorbitant prices for them. Not only is this clutch inexpensive and super soft, but it’s also a great size at over a foot wide. Some people may not like the embossing, but a little texture never hurt anyone and it’s not super obvious when the bag is carried. Plus, for a great clutch made out of great leather that will hold all of my stuff for less than $300, I’m willing to overlook some branding. Buy through eLuxury for $258.