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Marc by Marc Jacobs Huge Hillier Hobo It’s rare that I see a bag I’m not excited about online and then change my mind about it in person. I’ve spent a large enough portion of my life looking at and thinking about handbags that I do a pretty good job imagining what a bag will be like based on pictures. As such, I can confidently say that pictures do not do the Marc by Marc Jacobs Huge Hillier Hobo justice, particularly in Indigo. The first and best thing about this line of bags is the leather – it’s thick, soft, and there’s plenty of it on this enormous bag in particular (the name is apt). On someone very petite, this bag might be overwhelming…good thing I’m not petite! It’s still reasonable sized for someone of average height or taller, and there’s no question that it’ll fit everything you need for the day and more (you might even be able to stick a small laptop in there). But what’s really surprising about this bag when you see it in person, as opposed to in photos, is the color. It’s two shades shy of navy and has some serious depth and saturation to it. I was wearing dark jeans when I tried it on, and the dark blue bag/dark blue jeans clash is usually something that keeps me away from bags like this, but for some reason, it was fine. Beautiful, even. It didn’t compete with my jeans and looked great against the black top I was wearing. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner. Especially for that price. Buy through eLuxury for $498.